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The Birthday Celebrations of Manish Malhotra Begin With a Delicious Sponge Cake


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Over the years, the bling sarees, lehengas, and his whole wedding collection designed by celebrity fashion designer Manish Malhotra have caused us to fall in love with his work. The talented designer will be turning another year older on December 5th, which is his birthday. We are without a doubt anticipating a sizable Bollywood bash. The birthday celebrations, however, appear to have started earlier than expected. Yes, Manish Malhotra posted a picture on Instagram of a delectable present that he had been given by the actor Rishaab Chauhan. Any guesses? A cake that appears to be really tasty. The fruity confection was topped with sliced strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for decoration. A circular chocolate cutout with the inscription “Happy Birthday week Manish” was placed right on top of the cake.

Who doesn’t want to dive into a decadent sweet delight? You don’t have to hold out until your next birthday, either. A handcrafted sweet escape every once in a while isn’t going to hurt anyone after a hard day of appointments, meetings, and tasks, and it’s not going to hurt anyone either. We have compiled some mouthwatering recipes for cakes that you can bake at home, which will make your Sunday buffet that much more enjoyable.

The Black Forest 

A tender chocolate sponge with a flavor of rum and cinnamon is hidden beneath the layers of whipped cream that cover the cake. Do you want some? This time-honored dessert will never let you down. The recipe is as follows. 

A cake made with pineapples

 A delicious fruit-based dessert is hard to beat. A golden-brown, delicious cake that is covered in whipped cream and garnished with chunks of pineapple. Find the recipe here. 

Cheesecake with Cherry Filling 

A delicious cheesecake topped with ripe, ruby-hued cherries creates a synergy that is just amazing. You can view the complete recipe by clicking here. 

Sponge Cake 

Made Without Butter Sponge cakes are really simple to put together. If you get the batter correct, you can’t go wrong with anything else. You could also put some strawberry slices and blueberry slices on top of that. This is the recipe. 

Coffee Cake 

Covered in a Chocolate-Mocha Icing This devilish delight is the result of merging two of life’s greatest pleasures: coffee and pastries. Click this link for the recipe. Give the recipes a shot, and then let us know which one is your favorite. By the way, I want to wish Manish Malhotra a happy birthday.

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