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Tamannaah Bhatia’s Surprising eating regime that made her the fittest intuitive performer of Indian Cinema

Tamannaah Bhatia describes herself as an intuitive performer, coffee junkie, occasional poet, and fitness enthusiast based on her Instagram. In her fashionable and steal-worthy gym clothing in brilliant colours, the actress combines weight training, group workouts, and cardio. She also avoids the hustle culture and the celebration of speed. Instead, it encourages everyone to slow down every now and again during their workouts.

“The only way to truly appreciate life and its moments is to slow down. Taking a beat can help you feel that burn and get stronger over time, even in your workouts,” she added in an Instagram video. 

All this fitness talk is of no use if she is into eating junk and other unhealthy stuff, but as expected by her fitness enthusiast nature, she follows a strict routine of healthy diet, and that doesn’t mean she starves herself; instead, she keeps an insane balance of everything, and the key is moderation.

In this article, we will discuss her food habits and diet on the basis of her interviews given to different media platforms.


For breakfast, she opts for a classic smoothie bowl, which includes gluten-free granola, dates in almond milk, and to make it even healthier and more filling, she adds some nuts, bananas, and berries. This way, her bowl of goodness looks amazing and tastes fantastic. On some days when she gets to eat eggs, she eats them to fully fill her protein requirements, and she likes the eggs that are completely poached or some omelettes with loads and loads of vegetables. 


She loves Indian food a lot, so for lunch she goes for dal chawal and sabzi. It may sound boring and basic, but it is jam-packed with nutrients. With this, she keeps her lunch simple yet healthy and nutritious.


Dinner seems to be the most fun and exciting meal of her day, as she loves it. Again, dinner is high in protein, with some eggs and veggies. This meal depends on her activity level; if she has worked really hard and burned all the excess calories, she then goes for carbs and eats them without guilt.

Like us, she also has her cheat days. After every 10 days, she ends up having a cheat day, which she completely enjoys and relishes. Her diet is simple and ordinary; it doesn’t have any extra restrictions or complex logic, just a basic and healthy diet. 

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