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Rakul Preet Singh’s weekend was full of sweets, including ice cream and baked goods

The meal diaries written by Rakul Preet Singh are really interesting. And with that, she has once again succeeded in making us salivate. Rakul spent her Sunday indulging in mouth watering sweets, much like a large number of other gourmands around the world. This time around, the majority of her culinary anecdotes focused on mouth watering sweets. She published a photo on Instagram in the form of a carousel that featured various fragments of her Sunday marathon. Rakul Preet can be seen carrying two glasses of ice cream in the first photo.
The appearance of the swirl ice creams, which came in a variety of flavors, was really appetizing. On the slide that immediately followed, we were shown a picture of her delicious cake. It’s a decadent chocolate cake covered in white cream that you can eat, and it’s topped with strawberry pieces. The other picture showed Rakul Preet tucking into what appeared to be a bowl of cereal while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One may see her with a downcast expression in the very final shot.
You are going to need to read her caption in order to interpret this portion of the post. She made the following comment: “Sunday mood… “Get me some food instead of swiping all the way to the end for the truth.” ‘Sunday shootings” was the hashtag that was used by the actress.
You don’t necessarily have to wait until the weekend to indulge in some healthy treats, which is good to know. You might also indulge in some mouthwatering desserts to cheer yourself up on a Monday when you’re feeling down. So, are you going to have a good time? Make sure to check out the recipes down below. Test them out in your own home.
1) Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
You may rely on this recipe if you find yourself having an impromptu craving for ice cream. There is no greater pleasure than that devouring a cold scoop of ice cream that has just been removed from the freezer. Therefore, you should prepare this at home and then enjoy your own version of vanilla ice cream. This is the recipe.
2) Chocolate Strawberry Cake (in a cake form)
If you have a weakness for cakes, you should try this recipe because it will blow your mind with how good it is. It’s a decadently moist cake that’s packed with ripe strawberries that are bursting with juice. This sweet treat is ideal for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Discover the recipe right here.
3) A bowl filled with a smoothie made with beetroot, walnuts, and berries
Yes, there are times when eating healthy from a bowl can be dull. But don’t be concerned. We are in possession of an intriguing item that you won’t be sorry to have in your possession. Here is a bowl of a really delicious smoothie made with beets, walnuts, and berries. It contains a lot of nutritional value and packs quite a punch. To put this together, you won’t require more than ten minutes of your time at most. To get the recipe, please click here.
4) Marble Cake
Here is yet another recipe for you to jot down in your cookbook in case you are looking for additional sweets. Choose this one instead of those dense cakes that are loaded with cream if you prefer something lighter. Vanilla, cocoa, and chocolate are just a few of the delicious flavors carried by this wine. You can make this at home, and then you can all sit down together and enjoy it. The following is the recipe:
5) A crumble made of apples
Have you ever had the opportunity to try apple crumble? Apples contribute their health benefits to this simple and speedy dessert. Try this out if you are tired of the typical candies that you make at home and are looking for something new to snack on. It’s an unusual take on apples. Discover the recipe right here.

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