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Breakfast Ideas for kids that will help mothers provide good nutrition


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Nowadays one of the most important questions a mother has to answer is, what to give to their children to eat for breakfast. As breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, it’s important that the kids have a proper meal to begin the day with.

Answering the question means making sure that the breakfast given to them is delicious according to their children otherwise the children won’t eat it. Other than this, they also need to make sure that while maintaining the deliciousness of the food the nutrients and protein content of the food are not lost.

Other than the mentioned areas which the moms need to take care of there’s another area of concern that there is less amount of time available in the morning. So the dish should be such that it gets prepared within a short period of time.

In the current scenario here are some of the global trends in the breakfast which is prepared by moms for their children.

On the go

Eating on the fly is becoming more popular. According to a recent Y-Pulse school food service report, goods supplied in convenient containers were well received by customers. Portable menu options appeal to young consumers who prefer their meals and snacks to fit their hectic schedules and student lifestyle.

Breakfast Smoothies

Drinkable meals appeal to children because of their convenience and novelty. Smoothies earned the top rank, with 73% of youngsters aged 8-14 and 82% of kids aged 15-18 saying they liked or loved the banana berry smoothie. Breakfast smoothies are a simple menu item to change up with seasonal flavours and ingredients.

Cafe-Style Breakfast

Don’t underestimate children’s sophisticated tastes. While 62% of children like the cuisine on the children’s menu, 91% prefer the meals on the standard menu. Menu items seen in a cafe, such as a quiche or fresh fruit bowls, will appeal to children with refined tastes.

Latin American Flavours

Kids want to take their breakfast around the world. Kids are very interested in Latin American flavours. From breakfast tacos with pepper jack cheese and scrambled eggs to chorizo and bean wraps, Latin American flavours are bursting with breakfast possibilities.

A recent study has shown that during the pandemic about 44% of millennials ageing between 18-50 years missed their breakfast.  Euromonitor International, located in London, and PepsiCo India, through its brand Quaker, conducted a survey between March 2020 and February 2021. According to the study’s official release, 44 per cent of urban millennials skipped breakfast and delayed meals due to increasing household duties and a later start to the day.

There’s another study which states that kids like junk food more than normal home-cooked food. According to the experts, the choice is due to the sophisticated marketing methods of multinational firms that sell processed foods with minimal nutritional content.

The researchers collect data from approximately 2,422 youngsters aged five to six years old from nations such as China, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Nigeria, and India. Participants were shown images of media characters, including both worldwide and regionally popular companies, and asked to identify the images and characters. The findings found that approximately 60% of people could link a Coca-Cola swirl with an image of a soda glass.

These unhealthy eating habit of kids have resulted in causing a lot of problems for them. The need for children to have junk food can be reduced by providing healthy and tasty breakfasts. Some of the dishes which can be prepared for breakfast are-

  1. Breakfast Popsicles
  2. Overnight Oats With Strawberries and Almonds
  3. Scrambled Egg Tacos
  4. Raspberry Nut Smoothie
  5. English-Muffin Egg Pizzas

Now that we have told you about the existing problem of breakfast for kids and the reasons behind it. We are sure that the moms have a better understanding of the problem and also understand what kind of solution needs to be made.

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