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Want to taste Some Great Kebabs In Mumbai? Check these Places!

Mumbai has an abundance of delicious street foods ranging from chaat to pav bhaji, with plenty of vada pavs in between. However, kebabs are the best option for satisfying your meat tooth. We show you some of the best kebab outlets.


Kebabs at Sarvi are long and flat, with no masala colour, but the perfect grilling is what makes it lip-smacking. These mildly flavoured kebabs are best paired with the oversized tandoori rotis to enjoy the mushy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. The roti has a distinct flavour, which we think due to the dough being kneaded in milk or cream.

Address: Mariam Manzil, Dimtikar Road, Nagpada, Mumbai Central

Meal For two: Rs 250


It serves some of the best kebabs in town. And will also satisfy your hunger at 3 a.m. Chicken tikka kebabs, chicken reshmi kebabs, and mutton seekhs are among our favourites. Their chicken tikka rolls are generously stuffed with fresh green chutneys. The baida is fresh, and if you like a little spice in your food, Ayub’s is the place to go.

Address: Near Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

Meal for two: Rs 400


This legendary stall is one of Mumbai’s most legendary eateries. You’d want to get there early because its popularity draws hundreds of customers each night. Their must-try is a non-veg kebab platter.

Address: Colaba

Meal for two: Rs 500

Nawab Seekh Paratha

A parantha and two kebabs can be had for around INR 70, making it an excellent budget-friendly dinner option. Sit on the worn-out benches without a menu, formalities, or fuss. The kebabs are made from bade ka gosht, which was previously known as beef meat but is now known as water buffalo meat. The paranthas are half Tava and half deep-fried, and they come out crisp and bubbly on the outside but soft on the inside like a roti.

Address: Kurla

Meal for two: Rs 400


Yunus is among the food stalls that crowd the lane opposite Nariman Point in the evenings. It’s the only stall with a barbecue, and we knew we had to try it after catching a whiff of the tikkas that drew us in. The menu is small but varied, with items ranging from chicken to mutton and boti kebabs. It also serves khiri kebabs, kaleji, and soft bun kebabs.

Address: Nariman point

Meal for two: Rs 200

These are some of the best outlets in Mumbai to have the best kebabs. Go try it guys!

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