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Sushi in Delhi?! Check out these binge-worthy restaurants 

While Delhi’s delightful bond with food is centuries old, Sushi is a new addition to the list. It is exciting, and new, and satisfies our emerging craving for unique and yummy food. ! No, seriously, our infatuation with Sushi is getting out of hand. Let’s get tandoori Sushi or malai Sushi!? If you’ve already fallen in love with sushi or are just starting out. Restaurants in Delhi have started presenting a variety of delectable sushi options in recent years. A number of Japanese delivery restaurants have also sprung up. Whether you want a fast takeout sushi roll or an extensive multi-course Japanese meal, you’ll find it in the lanes of Delhi. 

Here is a list of some of the locations in Delhi where you can gorge on these flavorful and healthful rolls!

  1. Guppy- Guppy at Lodhi Colony is one of the top Japanese restaurants in town. Guppy is a wonderfully colorful and cheery anime-themed restaurant where you can really savor your sushi, and their dishes are a just fantastic experience in and of itself. You must taste the Aburi Salmon Sushi Roll, Non-Veg Sushi Platter, Chashu Ramen, Asparagus Tempura Sushi Roll, and other items when you visit Guppy! 
  2. Harajuku Tokyo Cafe-  If the word cute had a physical manifestation on Earth, it would be Harajuku Tokyo Cafe. We may or may not be biased by their extensive selection of sweet and extremely cute teddy-shaped pastries, as well as jiggly pancakes! Anyway, their sushi is delicious as well, so stop by and sample the Salmon Inside Out Roll, Spicy Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll, Yasai Tempura Roll, Dorayaki Nutella, Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Origin Many other options.
  3. TK’s Oriental Grill-  No list of Asian restaurants would be complete without TK’s Oriental Grill, the luxury Asian restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Delhi. It’s one of the few restaurants in Delhi featuring a teppanyaki grill, so anyone who enjoys Japanese cuisine or interactive kitchens should definitely pay TK’s a visit. Order Korean Chicken and Egg Roll Sushi, Veg Dragon Roll Sushi, Pan Seared Chicken, and more dishes made using fresh ingredients.

Visit these places and we are 100% sure that you’ll fall in love with the lip-smacking sushi all over again. Come to these places with your family and friends and spend some quality time over here in Delhi’s winter.

Happy snacking you all! 

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