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Snackfax Recommends: Best restaurant in Delhi Serving South Asian & Himalayan Cuisine

Long-standing establishment Yeti has consistently upheld its reputation for serving delectable Nepalese, Tibetan, and Bhutanese cuisine. This eatery is one of the few establishments in the HKV market where patrons may enjoy a great meal while seated without loud music. The setting is straightforward and unpretentious, with wooden furniture and accents like prayer flags and wheels from Bhutan.

Address: Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen – 30, 1st Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
Phone No.: 011 33106044

We’ll start with a few mocktails. Yeti’s Lemon is a straightforward and flavorful concoction made with fresh lime, mint leaves, vanilla sugar, and soda. The Fresh Watermelon Juice is also good. Ming Magical, a great beverage made with guava, pineapple juice, black salt, green chillies, and spices, is also excellent.

The meal with the Yeti Veg Platter was a thali that included Aloo Sadeko, Bhuteko Chana, Wai Wai Sadeko, and Tingmo, and a Tibetan steamed bun. It was on the menu. Bhuteko Chana were stir-fried chickpeas in Nepali spices, Aloo Sadeko was soft, lightly sautéed potatoes seasoned in tangy Nepali spices, and Wai Wai was dry noodles tossed with onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and a touch of Lemon.

The most well-known Bhutanese cuisine, Ema Datshi, which is cooked with cheese and chilli pepper, is served with time. The texture of the Ema Daichi was similar to fondue, and the peppers give it a subtle spicy flavour.

It’s incredible how a recipe with such few essential components can turn out well. The Veg Thukpa is a flavorful noodle soup with a lot of vegetables. The flavour of the broth just cannot be compared. Thus it must be tried.

The Chicken Dry Fry included crunchy peanuts, bell peppers, and succulent chicken chunks that were dry fried. The dish’s spicy and tangy tastes are perfectly balanced.

The best momos to order at Yeti are vegetables, chicken, and mutton varieties. The skin is relatively thin, and the filling is exceptionally juicy and flavorful despite not being spiced. Incredibly delicious are the mutton momos.

For the main course: Both vegetarian and vegan Thakali Thalis are available. The non-vegetarian version had all the same ingredients except for mutton in place of the paneer. The vegetarian version includes paneer, dal, gundruk Sadako, rai ka saag, Piro also, fried karela, pickle, papad, curd, and rice.

The gravy was incredibly flavorful and included whole spices, and the mutton was so juicy and tender. Much ghee is used in the dal to give it a rich flavour. The potatoes in the Piro also were prepared in the Darjeeling way with cumin, garlic, and turmeric, as well as the sun-dried spinach in the Gundruk Sadako. The celery roots and leaves added to the spicy fried chicken gave it a beautiful, fresh flavour.

Yomari, steamed rice dumplings from the Newari culture filled with Nutella and topped with vanilla ice cream, is a tasty way to round off a wonderful lunch.

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