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Ordering Kebabs from outside? Try these Kebab Joints across India

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Numerous studies have shown that spending time in nature has numerous health benefits, such as lowering your heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones, and muscle tension.

The Kebab is a choice for a snack among many others. Kebabs, the signature dish of Delhi’s Mughlai cuisine, aren’t necessarily Indian in origin but have a more authentically Indian texture and flavour profile thanks to the liberal use of aromatic spices.

In honour of this mouthwatering kebab taste, we’ve produced a list of the greatest kebab joints in the country.

Qureshi Kebab Corner, New Delhi

Outside of Jama Masjid is where you’ll find the city’s most famous kebab stand. The Haji Abdul Ghani Qureshi kebab stand has been a staple of old Delhi’s food scene for seven decades. His five sons, all of whom go by the surname “Qureshi brother,” now oversee the family business. The Qureshis do everything themselves, from chopping vegetables to grinding spices. The current price range for healthy kebabs is 20 rupees to 80 rupees.

Siddique Kebab Center, Hyderabad

The sitting area is the only part of the room that is cramped. If you’re not a vegetarian, the Siddique Kebab Center in Kondapur, Hyderabad, is a veritable paradise. The chicken in their recipes is perfectly cooked and incredibly flavorful because of their use of fresh, homemade seasonings. Barbecue chicken, stuffed chicken, and grilled chicken are all marvels that you must try. Don’t expect much in the way of ambience, as the restaurant is somewhat cramped; but, the quality of their meal will have you forgetting all about the rest of the competition.

 Tunday Kababi, Lucknow

Some may find this statement to be overly generalised and trite, but the original Tunday Kababi on Naaz Cinema Road, Nazirabad, Aminabad, close to Akhbari Gate in Lucknow is still the best place to try genuine Mughlai kebabs. Mutton kebab and beef kebab cooked with specific unani spices are the restaurant’s two most popular menu items. Galauti kebab with ulte tawe ka parantha is another must-try dish there.

Kabab Corner, Chennai 

People in Chennai love this kebab shop because of the endless options and delicious flavours. The best kebabs in Chennai can be found at Kabab Corner, one of the oldest Mughlai restaurants in the city, located on Greams Road. Everything from steak to chicken tikka, rolls of beef and double seekh sushi, and more can be found on the menu. Each and every one of these kebabs is enhanced by the addition of the restaurant’s signature roomali roti.

Piccadilly Cafe, Mumbai-

Piccadilly Cafe, a timeworn gaudy establishment, is nestled amongst the cramped shops of a busy street in Colaba, Mumbai. Delicious kebabs like Chello Kabab, Juje Kabab, Shish Tawouk, and more are among the restaurant’s many well-known specialities from Iran. In case you enjoy the slightly fiery Mughlai cuisine, you’ve found a hidden gem.

The Mughal’s Dastarkhwan, Lucknow

Without including this location, the list would have been lacking. The best venue to experience genuine Nawabi culture, from the decor to the cuisine to the people and their tehzeeb. If you’re looking for authentic kebabs served in the style of the Nawabs and Mughals, look no further than the original Dastarkhwan in Hazratganj. The ever-popular mutton shami and galauti kebab are served with roomali roti.

Peter Cat, Kolkata

Peter Cat is a restaurant in Kolkata that is famous for serving a wide variety of Indian kebabs, sizzlers, and other dishes. Any discussion of kebabs or Kolkata would be lacking without mentioning this restaurant. The Chelo Kebab, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian iterations, is a perennial favourite among those who enjoy good food in Kolkata.

Al Kauser

South Delhi foodies have been raving about Al Kauser, Chanakyapuri’s delicious cuisine for a while now. Over the years, the well-known spot has attracted kebab fans from all over the city thanks to the positive buzz it has generated through word of mouth. If you’re going to visit, make sure you have some room in your stomach. At Al Kauser, you’ll be spoiled for choice with options like kakori kebabs, galouti kebabs, burrah kebabs, and kaleja shahi tikka. They have a wide variety of vegetarian options.

Ayub’s, Mumbai

Ayub’s is a tiny restaurant on D. VB Gandhi Marg in Mumbai that serves delicious kebabs that are perfect for a late-night snack or a quick bite on the run. You won’t regret spending your money on even the baida roti. Foods like chicken bhuna wrap and chicken drumsticks will satisfy your hunger and your taste senses.

Paradise, Hyderabad

Yes, the Hyderabadi Biryani here is world-famous, but that’s not all it has to offer. Along with its biryani, you must try Paradise’s legendary Choti and Boti kebab. Chicken Kalami kebab is another top choice. Get it packaged if you’re too full to sample it there, but don’t skip it.

Take into consideration all these amazing places and make sure to visit them whenever you are in the city. Enjoy the Mughalai delicacy and tell us about how much you like the taste of it.

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