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Movies around Food & Restaurants that will make you smile this weekend

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Everyone at some point wants to open up or dabble in a food business by showing off his talent to the world in the field of cooking.  Everyone has a version of his coffee or cookies or butter chicken! The beauty of food is that there is space for all! Whether you make it or not, here are some amazing movies that can make you smile this weekend.

There are movies about some restaurants in the movie world which were run by chefs who were the best in the class. These movies will help you in overcoming your fear of failure and will allow you to pursue your passion in the best possible manner with lots of confidence. The movies show that if you have the courage and determination to do something you can pass any difficulty with ease and make it to the top. Yes, the way won’t become easy but you will be ready to face every challenge and ace it.

Some of the famous movies about the restaurant are mentioned below-

Babette’s Feast 

The film begins with a 19th-century Parisian fugitive, Babette Hersant (Stéphane Audran), seeking asylum in an isolated Danish coastal hamlet, where she is eventually taken in by two highly puritanical sisters, Philippa and Martina (Hanne Stensgaard and Vibeke Hastrup). Babette decides to be their servant in exchange for shelter and spends the next 14 years cooking bland meals appropriate for the abstemious sisters and congregation of this small community. Babette wins the lottery by chance, and she decides to utilize her riches to organize a lavish feast for visitors who believe its gourmand-ish delicacies are too wicked and expensive. Babette’s immense talents and work of art are finally shown, and the visitors’ reservations are transformed into an understated, but a profound sense of joy and camaraderie. It was the first Danish film to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film.

IMDB Rating- 7.8/10*20K

Global  Views- 20K

Big Night

It’s a poignant narrative of food, family, and first-generation immigrants as two Italian brothers, the temperamental, brilliant chef Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and the pragmatic, philandering maitre d’ Secundo (Tucci), try to make a go of their faltering 1950s Jersey Shore restaurant. Beset by the small-mindedness of the locals when it comes to authentic Italian food (cue the great scene where a customer asks for a side of spaghetti with her risotto), and by the love and business rivalry of a neighbouring restaurateur (Ian Holm) with whose wife (Isabella Rosselini) Secundo is having an affair, the brothers have bickered to the brink of bankruptcy, and finally, go all-in on one make- or break.

IMDB Rating- 7.3/10*21K

Global  Views- 21K


It’s about Carl Casper, a celebrated Los Angeles chef who quits his job after a violent feud with a snobbish restaurant reviewer and then embarks on a spiritual journey across the country to rediscover his passion for food. His strategy? Making low-cost, imaginative sandwiches: food made by the people, for the people. It’s a clever figurative device. Favreau, who appears to be fed up with the demands of big-budget filmmaking, is going back to basics. The moments of casual shit-talking among restaurant personnel have a charming, crass authenticity, and the almost sexual shots of food preparation are breathtaking. It’s a passion project, and one can feel the enthusiasm that filmmaker John Favreau has poured into every frame of this film.

IMDB Rating- 7.3/10*216K

Global  Views- 216K

The Lunchbox

“The Lunchbox” is a sweet, peaceful, and intimate Indian story centred on a deceptively huge appetite for human connection through home-cooked meals. Even though their characters’ relationship is epistolary, stars Irfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur have a powerful chemistry. Ila (Kaur) takes great care to prepare nutritious lunches for her busy husband, but when her meals are accidentally delivered to Kahn’s widower Saajan, the two form a pen-pal relationship by hiding letters in the lunchbox. Their friendship is fueled by the delicacy of Ila’s meals (just looking at them makes your mouth wet), and the ebbs and flows of their moods and hopes are portrayed by Ila’s various lunch selections. She even tries to use her cooking to physically spice things up with her distant husband, and the conversations she has with her off-screen aunt (who, of course, is full of cooking tips) are heartwarmingly beautiful.

IMDB Rating- 7.8/10*57K

Global  Views- 57K


It’s unusual for an animated comedy to make us salivate over pictures of neatly prepared meals, especially the one about a rat that lives in the walls of a French restaurant and dreams of becoming a professional chef himself. “Ratatouille,” is a film that demonstrates that it is never too late to pursue one’s aspirations. Patton Oswalt plays Remy, an idealistic rat with culinary ambitions who gets his time to shine when the proprietor of a pompous French cafe messes up a soup and Remy suddenly steps in and prepares a winning dish.

IMDB Rating- 8.1/10*731K

Global  Views- 731K

In addition to the movies mentioned above, there are some other movies also which might be able to kindle motivation in your heart like Woman on Top, Vatel,  Soul Kitchen, Mostly Martha, etc.

We hope that after reading about these movies, motivation must have struck you. Apart from motivating a person that it’s never too late to follow their dreams, the movies also are a class apart from other movies in every aspect. Please go and watch these movies in order to enjoy the content to the fullest.

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