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 London’s Best Underground Restraunts to try on a chilly day

London is known for its culinary delights and underground restaurants are no exception. With the colder months of winter upon us, these secretive eateries offer the perfect opportunity to explore London’s hidden gems – all while indulging in some truly delicious food. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why underground restaurants in London are so popular and how they make great additions to any winter itinerary.

The following are some of London’s top hidden restaurants and drinking spots that may be found underground:

Gordon’s Wine Bar

Gordon’s is London’s oldest wine bar, and for your convenience, it also happens to be at the top of our list of restaurants that are ideal for playing out your spy fantasies. This subterranean location close to the Embankment station has been open for business since the year 1890. It is adorned with vintage newspaper clippings and has the vibe of the most romantic bunker in the world. It is perfect for cozying up in a nook while nibbling on breadsticks and brooding over the fact that no one liked the post you made on Twitter while chatting with someone you have a serious crush on, or for sipping fine wine with someone you desperately fancy. In either case, partake in the abundant cheese selection and marvel at how flawless your complexion seems when illuminated by candlelight.

Brasserie Zédel

When it comes to London restaurants, few can compare to Brasserie Zédel for giving diners the sensation of being the star of a Baz Luhrmann film. This Piccadilly brasserie is reminiscent of a Parisian establishment, and it is decked out in gorgeous art deco gold. The most glamorous basement in all of London, whether you’re just dropping by for a quick bite or staying for cocktails and cabaret at the adjoining Bar Américain.

The Winemakers Club

The Winemakers Club tucked away in a maze of arches under Holborn Viaduct, is the kind of place where Hannibal Lector might enjoy a glass of chianti by the light of a candle. Due to its subterranean location, Winemakers is at its best in the evening; it’s the perfect place for a low-key get-together with friends or a date. The wine list is extensive, the prices are reasonable, and the setting is relaxed, making it an ideal place to try something new. last but not least, their raclette toastie.

Andrew Edmunds

You will like Andrew Edmunds if you are a fan of antiquarian books and cosy candlelit romances. This is a classic Soho hideaway with a basement dining area that puts serious thought into romance and sensual lighting. Candles will light your table, and a chalkboard will serve as the menu. The atmosphere is romantic, and the cuisine is delicious. Excellent braised squid and dressed crab, as well as many satisfying vegetarian options, can be found on the ever-changing menu.

These are our 4 top recommendations for underground Restaurants and Bars in London. Try these places out and share your experience. 

An image showing London Underground Restaurant

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