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Eateries with the best festive decor in New York

With the end of the year nearing, there is a huge chance that you are in the mood of going out for a party or to celebrate the end of the year. But this whole plan can be a total disaster if the decorations of the bar or restaurant which you select are not in a great shape. So, in order to avoid such disasters, one needs to make sure that the decorations of the place are great. But the task of finding such a place is difficult, so in order to ease your problem we have identified a few restaurants and bars which have over the top decorations. All of these are situated in New York.

Here are some of the few- 

Serra by Birreria

With a focus on seasonal design, SERRA by Birreria at Eataly Flatiron is our go-to when we want to feel like we’ve stepped into a postcard. In contrast to last year’s “Frozen” theme, this year’s style is only minimally frosted. Instead of the evergreens you’d expect to see blanketed in snow, your regular flora will look like it was hit by the first snowfall of the season while you slept. There may not be any holiday-themed glasses on the table, but the braised boar and polenta is a great way to transport yourself to the Italian countryside.

White Horse Tavern

The White Horse Tavern in the West Village is one of the city’s oldest bars; it’s so historic that it’s possible Santa Claus and his future bride went there on their first date (as well as the poet Dylan Thomas, who was an actual regular.) They go all out for the season, and on a snowy day, there’s no better place to be than at a warm and welcoming bar decorated with festive Christmas greenery, twinkling white lights, and wreaths. While you’re there, order the double-smashed burger and hot toddy.

Lillie’s Union Square

Both the Union Square and Times Square outposts of Lillie’s Victorian Establishment go all out for the holidays, decking the halls with brightly coloured ornaments, antique trinkets, and an assortment of nutcrackers standing guard. This already stunning building looks like something out of a Christmas special of “Antiques Roadshow” thanks to the addition of seasonal decorations and festive lighting (or a particularly cheerful episode of Hoarders). Our favourite visit is around brunch, when we can enjoy an Irish coffee and a plate of Grand Marnier French toast.

Sunday in Brooklyn

There’s nothing like the sight of 50,000 lights on an 11-ton Christmas tree, but the holiday season is for snuggling up with loved ones, so we plan to spend most of it on the safe side of the frosted windows. Best enjoyed while cozying up to the fireplace on Sunday, Brooklyn’s pop-up bar room. We don’t mind that this Williamsburg eatery has a vibe more akin to the West Elm holiday brochure than Whoville. If you’re looking for a moment of calm throughout the holiday season, you’ve found it, along with the raclette pretzel nachos you’ve been dreaming about.

If you reside in New York or plan to spend the rest of the days of the year over there, make sure you visit these places. These places have got one of the best decorations one can ask for accompanied with great food. You won’t want to miss such a chance.

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