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Top 10 Dining Credit Cards for 2024: Benefits and Review

If you’re a serious food enthusiast who enjoys traveling on several culinary excursions, you should think about acquiring a credit card that will support your love of fine cuisine. From upfront discounts to enticing cashback rewards, dining credit cards can make ordering in or dining out even more enjoyable.

Must-Have Credit Cards for Your Bucket List Dining!

1. Annual fee for the HDFC Bank Regalia credit card: INR 2,500

 Dining benefits: 

  • Complimentary one-year Zomato Gold subscription.
  • The Good Food Trail dining program provides up to a 40% discount on weekend fine dining expenditures at participating establishments. Up to 30% off of chef’s special restaurants and up to 20% off of premium dining every day of the week. Up to 25% off dinner buffets are available. For every 150 spent in various categories, 4 reward points are awarded Membership in the Priority Pass program with access to domestic and foreign lounges.
  • For people who enjoy traveling, dining out, and shopping, the HDFC Bank Regalia credit card is an all-in-one lifestyle credit card. Each restaurant visit will be rewarding thanks to the Zomato Gold membership and the delicious food trail dining program.

Swiggy co-branded credit card

2. Annual fee for the SBI Card Prime: INR 2,999

Benefits of dining: 

  • Pizza Hut e-vouchers worth 1,000 for quarterly spending of at least 50,000. For every 100 spent on dining activities, you receive 10 reward points.
  • On the cardholder’s birthday, 20 reward points are awarded for every 100 spent. Free membership to Trident Privilege and Club Vistara.
  • For the typical Indian consumer, the SBI Card Prime is one of the most well-liked mid-segment credit cards. In addition to letting you eat out, the card has a rewarding rewards system and welcome bonuses to meet all of your other needs. 

3. Annual fee for the Kotak Delight Platinum Credit Card: INR 1,999

Dining advantages: 

  • 10% cash back on entertainment, travel, and dining
  • Monthly payback of 600 for dining expenditures under 4,000
  • Another lifestyle card that can meet diverse needs for travel, entertainment, and dining is the Kotak Delight Platinum credit card. Every billing cycle, a portion of the cashback granted in the dining and entertainment categories is shared. Therefore, if both of these expenditures are essential to your needs, there may be a little trade-off in the benefits.

4. The annual fee for the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is INR 3,500.

Dining advantages:

  • 15%–20% off right away at partner eateries. 
Co-branded credit card
  • One membership point is awarded for every 50 dollars spent by members who receive a free priority pass. The American Express Platinum Travel credit card is best suited for frequent travelers, as the name suggests. But as an extension of this service, it also excels at meeting other travel-related lifestyle needs, such as shopping and eating out.

5. A INR 500 annual fee for Citi Cash Back credit cards

Dining advantages:  

  • 15% off on purchases at a few of our 2000+ dining partners’ participating establishments. On all other purchases, receive 0.5% cashback (including dining at non-partner restaurants).

How To Apply For Citi Cash Back Credit Card - StoryV Travel & Lifestyle

  • The Citi Cash Back Credit Card from Citibank gives cashback for purchases made across a variety of industries, just as its name suggests. The cashback is accrued for the upcoming credit statement in multiples of 500.

6. Annual fee for the Kotak Feast Gold credit card: INR 499

Dining advantages:

  • For every 100 spent on eating, you earn 10 reward points. During the subsequent billing period, dining points are credited.
  • A card with the word “feast” in its name would be the best option on days when you want to eat out. But the Kotak Feast Gold Credit Card provides much more than just upscale dining. The card has a low annual fee and perks that frequent travelers and moviegoers can’t help but love.

7. The annual charge for the Standard Chartered Ultimate credit card is INR 5,000.

Dining advantages: 

  •  Dine at the top 250 restaurants in India and receive discounts of up to 25%. For cards only, concierge services and table reservations are free.
  • Free access to more than 100 domestic and international airport lounges
  • For each purchase and transaction, the Standard Chartered Ultimate credit card offers a variety of incentives and perks. It offers the most reward points of any card. 

8. Axis Bank : The annual charge for My Zone credit cards is INR 500

Dining advantages: 

  • Discounts of 20% or more are available at partner restaurants.
  • Every quarter, one free domestic lounge visit
  • Every 200 spent earns you 4 reward points.
  • Without adding the Axis Bank My Zone credit card, we couldn’t compile a list of the best credit cards that reward dining. This is another inexpensive card with advantages for shopping, dining, watching movies, and refueling. 

Axis Bank opens experiences for consumers with its latest campaign, ET  BrandEquity

9. The annual charge for the HDFC Bank Diners Club Privilege credit card is INR 2,500.

Dining advantages:

  • Free premium dining services include table reservations, concierge assistance, dining recommendations, etc.
  • A subscription to Zomato Gold is free.
  • The HDFC Bank Diners Club Privilege card can be the best option if you want a card that combines your passion for dining out and traveling. On purchases like dining out and buying flights, you can earn significant points.

10. Annual fee for the ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card: INR 2,000

Dining advantages:

  • 30% off of food orders placed online with Zomato (a maximum discount of INR 100 for every order).
  • Zomato Gold membership is 50% cheaper.
  • access to the Culinary Treats Program of ICICI Bank.
  • Sunday brunches are 20% discounted as part of the Culinary Treats Program.
  • Swiggy is offering an extra 20% off with a minimum order of INR 500.

In addition to a wide range of dining-related discounts, deals, and reward programs, the credit card also grants frequent flyer advantages. When selecting this card, you have the option of choosing either the American Express or the MasterCard version.

All financial investment are subject to market risks and motivations. Please invest carefully in any of the above after due consideration and financial literacy. Furthermore, benefits in relation to credit cards are subjected to change so don’t forget to reach out to your financial institution. Happy dining! 

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