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Craving desserts? Here are Legitimately awesome dessert places to buy from

It is claimed that we consume with our eyes first, then with our mouths. For many dessert shops, bakeries, and patisseries, this means creating the most beautiful sweets and treats, with a focus on display. While we all appreciate a gorgeous dessert that looks as delicious as it tastes, some dessert businesses go above and above in terms of presentation, believing that the entire shop should be as appealing as the sweets they offer.

Here are some of the top dessert places where you should shop.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, New York City

If the name Dominique Ansel seems familiar, it’s probably because he invented the Cronut, which resulted in hours-long lines to get a taste of this flaky, delectable dessert combination. However, did you also know that this was the same chef (together with his colleagues) that devised the Cookie Shot and Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwich?

The store in New York is brightly adorned with marble countertops, mirrored walls, and blackboard menus, which will help you get that modern, minimalist aesthetic you’re after.

Cupcake Central, Melbourne, Australia

Cupcake Central in Melbourne, Australia, has a hipster-chic style and all the must-haves for an Instagrammable dessert spot: neon lighting? Check. What is a good floor phrase? Check. White subway tile with teal ornamental accents? Check.

While the interior design of this specific establishment is unquestionably beautiful, it’s the cuisine that has us wanting to hop on a plane and fly to the other side of the planet! Milo Milk and Sticky Date Pudding are two cupcake varieties that are sure to please their Australian customers.

Cauldron Ice Cream, San Diego, California

Do you know those puffed waffle cones that practically every ice cream shop has? According to Cauldron Ice Cream in San Diego, California, they invented the original “Puffle”!

The shop’s minimalist, modern look is home to all your hipster favorites, such as hanging Edison lightbulbs, beautiful shadowboxes, and neon lights, but it’s the desserts on offer that truly won us over. We’re drooling over their Pineapple Express version of the Disney favorite Dole Whip and Cookieloos ice cream!

Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Conditori La Glace may appear to be from another period because it is Copenhagen’s oldest bakery, going back to 1870! Arched entrances, beveled glass, vaulted ceilings, and other elaborate, old-world elements transport you back in time.

The bakery/confectionery has plenty of tempting goods on display, and we’ve learned that their Christmas window displays are out of this world! Hey, when you look this good on the inside, you need to make sure everything else matches!

La Maison Ladurée, Paris

With so many beautiful sites around the world, we chose the main store of La Maison Ladurée in Paris, France. Coffered ceilings, chandeliers, gold embellishments, and trays of sweets stored behind glass give a hint of the shop’s heritage, which dates back to 1862.

Although not shown, the tea room is just as opulent, with tufted chairs, marble statues, and fine china. While La Maison Ladurée sells ice cream, chocolate, and pastries, its macarons are unquestionably the most famous, with varieties including Rose, Orange Blossom, and Geranium!

There you have it, a list of legit places to buy great deserts! With so many options and so many locations, it can be hard to collect all of them in one place, and what better way than to share them with you guys? I hope you enjoyed the list and I hope it helps you out in your next desert shopping experience!

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