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Best Plum Cakes to buy this Christmas in Bangalore

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Plum cake is one of the most delicious baked goods that can be found during this time of year, and if you don’t have some in your life right now, you’re really losing out! What is Christmas without a chewy, a freshly baked coffee cake that is absolutely stuffed with juicy, flavorful dried fruits and spices? These cakes are excellent as an evening snack with tea, as a treat after dinner, or even as something that pairs perfectly with your wine. What is Christmas without a soft, freshly baked coffee cake? This December, get into the holiday spirit by picking up some of the greatest plum cakes in the city to enjoy with a glass of wine.

In the following list of Bangalore bakeries, you will find some of the city’s most delicious Plum Cakes.


Black raisins, sultanas, cherries, orange peel, black currant dates, prunes, and tutti-fruity are only a few of the components in Smoor’s plum cakes. Nonetheless, the cake’s warmth and aroma come from a blend of roasted and ground spices like cinnamon, cloves, star anise, bay leaf, and fennel. Plum cake with a deep, complex flavor is the result of ingredients being steeped for 45 days before being added to the dough. Up to and including Rs 675. Open to the public at all points of sale.

Glen’s Bakehouse

Famous for their distinct comfort, the pastries and desserts at Glen’s Bakehouse are where you’ll find the best plum cakes. The cake’s soft and light texture comes from the premium dried fruits used in its construction, which include raisins, almonds, and berries that have been hand-picked and steeped for around 15 days. From Rs 750 on higher. Open to the public at all points of sale

Ma Bakers

Fruits for the plum cake are soaked in brandy and wine for four months by Ma Bakers before being used in the cake. The cake’s shelf life is extended by brushing it with alcohol. Only two metric tonnes of plum cakes are made each harvest to maintain consistency in quality. In addition to the traditional Christmas candies, they also sell peanut butter crinkles, rocky roads, marzipan, and more. Between three hundred and four hundred rupees a kilo. Online ordering is available.

Chiffon Tree

Bakery preparations for plum cake begin months in advance. The fruits and berries for the plum cake are soaked in rum beginning in the first week of January, and the cake is made beginning in the last week of November. The gluten-free plum cake that baker Rashmi Michael makes has a wonderful harmony of flavors. The price range is around  Rs 2,400. And Online ordering is available.


This new baker in town follows a Jamaican recipe that calls for a variety of ingredients, including port wine from the area, port, local fruits, spices, homemade smoked apricot compote, and a treacle made of palm jaggery. Four months are spent soaking this mixture. This is the best plum cake to start you in the holiday spirit and keep it going strong. Up to and including Rs 675. Online ordering is available.

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These are some of the best bakeries where you can go in order to have the best plum cakes available. Try these bakeries out and tell us which one’s the best.

An image showing a plum cake

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