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Love Chinese? Try these best Chinese places in Delhi, today!


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For Delhiites, Chinese places in Delhi have become a necessity! From finding small stalls serving momos and noodles to going to high-end restaurants and eating the same thing again and again for their sheer love of spice. Fortunately or unfortunately, Chinese places in Delhi have become hubs for so much Chinese food that now we are somehow confused about where exactly we will get good-quality and delicious Chinese food. But don’t sweat it, we are here to list down some of the best places to go that are reliable, hygienic, and will not disappoint.

These Chinese places in Delhi Are A must-visit.


Hawkers is a yellow van. that has been around Vasant Kunj for years! They started having one small van in the B-10 market, which expanded to three further branches because of how popular they got! They are extremely hygienic and source some of the best Chinese food, ranging from chilli garlic noodles to momos. They usually open up in the evenings and have a lot of crowds coming for their services as they serve food to you right inside your car. So if you are craving some good, hearty Chinese food that is barely expensive, we suggest you go to hawkers!
Dish to order: Singapore noodles

chinese places in delhi- noodles

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is yet another restaurant that has been around in the Vasant Vihar market for many years. They provide authentic Chinese food, which is extremely flavorful and slightly on the expensive side, but the food is completely worth it. They have a huge variety of dishes and are usually busy on the weekends. It is a small restaurant but has some of the best Chinese food in town. Dishes to order: chilli garlic noodles and tofu with Kung Pao sauce

Naan kings

Naan Kings is a restaurant in Vasant Kunj that has been producing some of the best Chinese food over the years. They have expanded their franchise slowly but steadily, and most of their customers have been coming for years. So the next time you want to go and eat some nice, authentic, delicious Chinese places in Delhi, Naan Kings can be a great option for you
Dishes to order: mock chicken

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Bercos is a well-known restaurant that has its branches planted all over Delhi, NCR. They are your go-to place for spicy Chinese food with a twist! So wherever you are, if you are craving good Chinese food, we suggest Bercos, as it is trustworthy and reliable and has been around for a long time.
Dishes to order: chilli chicken

chinese places in delhi-dimsums


Mamagoto is an ever-popular place that has branches all over Delhi. They have taken some of the most common and authentic street food from China and given it an innovative touch. They are slightly expensive, but the food quality is so worth it. You must visit once!Dishes to order: chilli garlic prawns























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