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Top 10 Places in Delhi to Try Chicken Tikka

Delhi, with its lively marketplaces and crowded streets, is not only the cultural and political epicentre of India but also a gourmet mecca where diverse ingredients come together in mouth-watering combinations. Chicken Tikka is one of the city’s most famous dishes and a true culinary gem. Come along on a gastronomic adventure with us as we visit the 10 best places in Delhi, each serving up delicious chicken tikka. 

Khan Chacha – The Timeless Classic in Khan Market

Regarding its culinary prestige, Khan Chacha is the most popular restaurant in the renowned Khan Market. This eatery has perfected the art of cooking juicy, flavorful chicken tikka, and its storied past is steeped in tradition. The one-of-a-kind ambience and culinary recipes that go back hundreds of years have made Khan Chacha a classic for generations of Delhiites. This is regarded as the best place to try chicken tikka in Delhi. 

Location: Khan Market, New Delhi

Cafe Wink: Innovating with Chicken Tikka Delights

Cafe Wink in Shrestha Vihar is a haven of innovation for those who are looking for an innovative twist on the conventional Chicken Tikka.” A delicious fusion that elevates the Chicken Tikka experience to new levels: traditional tastes and contemporary techniques form a lovely union in this dish. The unexpected tastes served at Cafe Wink are sure to surprise and enchant diners.

Location: Shrestha Vihar, New Delhi

Nizam Kathi Kabab – A Hidden Gem in Defence Colony

Located deep inside the maze of corridors of the Defense Colony, Nizam Kathi Kabab is an immense trove of hidden treasures. The tantalizing aroma of their tandoori-cooked chicken tikka draws us in and entices us on a culinary journey filled with spices, secrets, and the true beauty of an unusual find. 

Location: Defence Colony, New Delhi

Gulati Restaurant: A Pandara Road Culinary Icon 

The legendary Gulati Restaurant is located on Pandara Road, a name that has come to represent the epitome of delicious luxury. Entering this restaurant, we are met with an air of opulence and the assurance of a mouthwatering chicken tikka experience. Any genuine foodie worth their salt must dine at Gulati Restaurant for its unmatched flavour and historical past. 

Location: Pandora Road, New Delhi

Al Kauser – Malcha Marg’s Kebab Haven 

On Malcha Marg, you may find the Al Kauser restaurant. Chicken tikka is the star of the show, and the aroma of kebabs fills the room. At these restaurants, you can expect sumptuous tastes, an elegant ambience, and a story of culinary mastery in every bite. Nestled in the heart of Delhi’s most upscale district, Al Kauser stands as a testament to the art of kebab making. 

Location: Malcha Marg, New Delhi

Eau De Monsoon – A Fusion Twist in the Heart of Delhi

Embark on a culinary journey into the heart of Delhi and discover Eau De Monsoon, a place where modernity meets tradition. The city’s multicultural character is fully displayed in its fusion take on chicken tikka. We guarantee you will never have a Chicken Tikka like Eau De Monsoon as we delve into inventive mixes and global inspirations. 

Location: New Delhi

Bukhara – Luxury Redefined at ITC Maurya 

If you’re looking for the height of taste, go no farther than Bukhara at the famous ITC Maurya. With its traditional clay ovens, regal atmosphere, and exquisite service, this restaurant serves Chicken Tikka fit for a king. Enjoy a meal that takes Chicken Tikka to a whole new level of regal enjoyment while you rediscover what it means to dine in style. 

Location: ITC Maurya 

Infinity – Mayur Vihar’s Culinary Marvel 

As we continue on our adventure through the world of food, we find ourselves at Mayur Vihar, where “Infinity” is a gourmet masterpiece. This cafe is a frequent destination for those who are passionate about Chicken Tikka due to its lively atmosphere and extensive menu. At Infinity, you can completely immerse yourself in the colourful ambience while taking pleasure in each and every morsel of the excellent Chicken Tikka. 

Location: Mayur Vihar, New Delhi

Delhi-o-Delhi – The Cultural Hub at Indian Habitat Centre

Located in the centre of the Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi-o-Delhi is a cultural centre that combines art with flavours in a fluid way. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind chicken tikka that showcases the rich ethnic tapestry of this metropolis. Step inside this cultural haven to discover the exquisite flavours of Delhi-o-Delhi. 

Location: Cultural Hub, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi 

Colonel’s Kabab – The Art of Grilling in Defence Colony Market 

Our epicurean journey comes to a close at Defence Colony Market, where the culinary mastery of Colonel’s Kabab is on full display. The chicken tikka here is taken to new heights by the smoky perfection and unique grilling techniques. As we say goodbye to this culinary adventure, Colonel’s Kabab takes a permanent place in our mouths. 

Our discovery of Delhi’s best chicken tikka places is just the tip of the iceberg in a city where each street has its own tale of culinary brilliance. There is a symphony of flavours in Delhi’s culinary scene, and each restaurant adds its own special touch. Indulge in the enchantment of Delhi’s Chicken Tikka as you set off on your own personal culinary adventure.

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