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Frozen Foods – Yes Or No?

In times of convenience and quarantining at home due to the looming pandemic that has been harassing our health and happiness for the past two years, we have learnt to make quick-fix meals to get us going. One of these meals includes the concept of frozen foods! They are easy to use, not time-consuming at all and extremely delicious. They are the perfect packed foods for one lazy individual who does not want to take any effort and eat good fried food. 

On the other hand, ever since the health movement has taken a rise, there has been a disputable divide between people who prefer eating frozen food and people who just condemn it. Over the years many new brands have emerged as popular and reliable frozen foods in India such as – 

  1. McCain
  2. Meatzza
  3. Prasuma 
  4. ITC Master chef

Meatzza is primarily a meat-producing brand serving frozen bacon strips, chicken strips, kebabs and much more. McCain has been a household name in India for many years. From the easy-to-make french fries to the cheese and potato shots, McCain has established its business in India in the best possible manner. Looking at the foreign brands making their way, many new Indian brands have also been adversaries to these brands. Prasuma momos and ITC kebabs have created a storm amongst the Indian masses. 

Since there are so many new and upcoming plants that are producing all types of frozen food, a dispute is bound to occur. On one end, there are people who appreciate this concept, as it is a convenient form of food, financially viable, easy to make and tasty. For someone who is constantly on the go, frozen foods are wonderful for them due to the convenience they curtail. In comparison, since environmental awareness has increased rapidly, people have diabolical views against frozen food and believe they are unhealthy, giving heed to meat heaters and are not as good as fresh food. The concerns from both sides or as valid as they can be as experiences or specific to each person’s life and routines.

Bottom Line

But the debate about frozen foods is inconclusive as one cannot decide whether they are good or bad on the simple basis of their value of preservatives. These foods are naturally introduced for those people who do not have the time or cannot take the effort to cook for themselves and have other priorities in life or for people who simply enjoy eating fried food. These frozen food packets are for every age group and or simply a convenient way of filling your stomach. So, when someone asks whether frozen food is good or bad. The simple answer would be depending on the person’s lifestyle, hobbies and eating habits. The next time you are planning to buy a well-frozen food packet refer to the brands mentioned above and enjoy.

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