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AttaGirl: Batter that will upgrade your daily breakfasts

Atta Girl’s journey began when a stay-at-home mom decided to turn her passion for healthy eating into a healthy business. She knew from the beginning that she didn’t want to be just another health food brand with the same variations as others in new packaging. After over two years of experimenting with various grains, millets, and vegetables, Atta Girl decided it was time to put her first launch to the test. She was sold out on the first day, much to her surprise. She knew she had to make a name quickly after starting with only three variations. As a result, the first name, “Batter It,” was born.

Atta Girl’s customer and fan base grow daily, infiltrating every Mumbai household. As the owner affectionately refers to herself, the Atta Girl realized that Batter It was no longer cutting it. As a result, the brand as we know it today was renamed Atta Girl. Today, Atta Girl serves seven batter variations, three chutneys, and one traditional South Indian filter coffee decoction. It all started with a kitchen dream from the Atta Girl.

Sangita started this journey by making three types of Batter, stocked them up in the household grocery store, and informed her near and dear. To her surprise, everyone who had taste-tested her crisp dosas and soft idlis were delighted, and her products sold out on the very first day. Then she introduced appam batter that smells and tastes like it was freshly made in a Kerala home. It was a hit for her.

With her delicious batters, more people made crisp dosas and soft idlis, and operations have moved to a commercial kitchen in South Mumbai to meet demand. Then she introduces a healthy classic rice variation, chutneys, and a decoction of filter coffee. Kanchipuram and special idli batter arrive a little later. To her customers’ delight, she now offers seven batter variations, three chutneys, and one spectacularly mind-blowing coffee. Her tribe is expanding.

Attagirl has partnered with Scootsy to provide convenient delivery throughout South Mumbai. Her products can now be found in various speciality and gourmet stores throughout South Mumbai and Bandra.

Another relocation to a larger production facility to meet increased demand. Whew! Attagirl is now available in Food Hall and Nature’s Basket stores across Mumbai. Big Basket follows suit a few months later. Her tribe is still expanding.

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