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Tis’ the season of magic: Party themes for Christmas 2022

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“It is beginning to look a lot like…” That’s right, Christmas! And a kick start of the Christmas season incomplete without a party. Additionally, It’s an opportunity to spend time with family and friends and make memories that will last all through the coming year.

But how to plan a party that sets you apart? Well, it is a difficult question to address as a party host. Let’s agree, you want the party to be different, classy, and amazing. Before you begin compiling your guest list for this year’s holiday party, gather your loved ones and brainstorm a few creative party theme ideas that will thrill and entertain them. In case you’re still stuck for Christmas party themes, we’ve included some of our favorites. Here is an elaborate holiday party idea here for everyone, from kids to adults, posh to minimal, or classic casual family fun.

A Royal Christmas

Your holiday celebration would benefit greatly from the addition of a dash of classiness in the form of a party with a sophisticated red and gold theme. Create a delectable red punch and accentuate your centerpieces and other areas of decoration with red flowers and fruits. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add candles that smell like vanilla as you can never go wrong with classy. 

Frosty The Snowman

There is no way to go wrong with a traditional and authentic Christmas theme. A straightforward snowman-themed holiday party, complete with icy cake toppers and strings of snowmen hung from the ceiling, is the ideal way to get together with the people you care about during this time of year. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add blues to your decoration to make it look extraordinary. 

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

During the holiday season, there is no better medicine than a good belly laugh. This season, have some fun by hosting a party where people make ugly sweaters. At the end of the party, put on a makeshift Christmas fashion show by having your guests walk the runway in their creations. 

Pro tip: A red sweater with gaudy Christmas decor never goes wrong. 

 Be-Leaf In Christmas

The best ideas for party themes begin with keeping things straightforward. To throw a party with a mistletoe theme, you can make use of the decorations already in your home, as well as some lush greenery and hints of red.

Pro tip: Add tons of green decorations with contrasting colors. 

Santa’s Workshop

Host a Christmas party for the children with the theme of Santa’s workshop, which will be both fun and festive. Make sure that each of your younger children has an elf hat and an apron at the ready so that they can act the part. Make sure you have plenty of warm cocoa and tasty treats for them to snack on. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add Santa caps and candy bars. 

Santa’s Ho-Ho-Hoedown

Host a celebration with a hoedown for Santa and decorate it in a country motif Encourage your guests to come dressed in their favorite country attire. Plan to have a taste of different beers to kick off the evening if you want to bring a distinctive twist to the event.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add Rudolph to your decor!

Cookies For Santa

Gather all of the children in the house to help decorate cookies for Santa. Ensure that you have a variety of cookies in shapes that are appropriate for the holiday season, such as Christmas trees, stockings, and candy canes. Then, prepare a station for decorating the cupcakes with colorful and festive sprinkles, assorted candies, and of course, frosting!

Pro tip: A gingerbread house-making competition always works. 

Santa’s Mustache Bash

Have a good time with a party that has the theme of Santa’s mustache bash. Request that everyone enters the party dressed as their most hilarious interpretation of Santa’s mustache. Encourage children to make their mustache stand out by using a variety of colors, textures, and materials in its construction.

Pro tip: Add lots of red and greens to the background for a picture-perfect vibe. 

Boozy Christmas Brunch

Brunches celebrating specific holidays are one option for less complicated themed party ideas. This idea is perfect for an adult Christmas party because it is both fun and festive.

Pro tip:  To get the party started on the right foot, serve up some berry mimosas, spiked punch, and eggnog.

Christmas Classics

A Christmas party decorated in traditional red and green colors is sure to be a success every year. Create a sophisticated mood by draping a sleek crimson tablecloth over the table, and then finishing it off with some fresh foliage and sprigs of spruce.

Pro tip: Add lots of lights and candles for the traditional Christmas look. 

Vintage North Pole

With a holiday party that has a blast from the past theme, you can reminisce over Christmases that happened a very long time ago. Printing in black-and-white silhouettes of historic buildings and vintage autos is an easy way to keep things straightforward. Include some vintage flair by decorating with glass soda bottles and utensils.

Pro tip: Make a cute background as your theme poster and post it on your socials. 

Candyland Christmas

This holiday season, throw your children a party with a Candyland theme to take them on an adventure into a magical world. You can get ideas for your decorations from the traditional board game, such as the playing pieces that are in the shape of gingerbread cookies, as well as larger-than-life lollipops and candy canes.

Pro tip: Fill stacks of candy and have games around them. 

Frozen Christmas

The holiday season is the ideal time to throw a party with a Frozen theme. Treats like snow cones and marshmallow snowballs, which are based on one of your children’s favorite animated movies, will be devoured with gusto by your offspring. 

Pro tip: Your Frozen-themed party is sure to be a hit if you build a blue and white cardboard castle for playtime in the theme of Elsa and Anna’s castle.

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas or another holiday film that has achieved cult status and become a holiday classic is an excellent choice for the theme of your next party.

Pro tip:  Invite your friends to participate in the party by dressing up as their favorite characters from the film.

Christmas Carol-Oke

If you just can’t wait until Christmas to belt out some old favorites, consider throwing a karaoke party as an entertaining get-together. Request that your guests write down the names of their favorite Christmas carols and songs for them to choose from in a bowl.

Pro tip: Make sure you have an awesome sound system. 

Finally, welcome the Santa spirit 

At last, don’t forget to give back to the community around you. Many charities are eager to receive donations in cash and kindness so make sure you do your bit to uplift the community around us. 

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