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The Snackfax Guide to maximise your smile at a Dinner Buffet

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A dinner buffet is something which one would love to have at a weekend or even during the week. One of the most important reasons for liking a dinner buffet is that one gets to end the day after eating delicious food which one might not get or they wouldn’t cook for themselves.

Also, going to a buffet saves one from the aftermath of cooking dinner, like cleaning the kitchen or washing the dishes. Another positive one can derive is the experience one gets to have while attending the buffet.

Now that we have told you about the positives of going to a buffet, we also need to tell you about the different things which one needs to keep in mind in order to enjoy the buffet. Because, what good it will be if one is able to go to the buffet and not maximise it to the maximum.

Wear loose clothing

Wear something comfy and loose if you’re headed to a buffet. Wearing skintight jeans or a bodycon dress to dinner could be a bad idea. If you can help it, try to avoid wearing pants with buttons and stick to looser-fitting, stretchy fabrics.

Eat expensive foods first

Initiate with the more expensive items, such as steak or shrimp. You should try gourmet cuisine or dishes that are too difficult for you to cook on your own if you are a vegetarian. This way, you know that you’re getting at least as much as you paid for.

Use a salad or soup bowl for dessert

Since dessert bowls tend to be on the diminutive side, a soup or salad bowl can be used to serve more ice cream or other sweets. Use a plate intended for entrées if you’re not getting ice cream and a dessert plate for anything else. If the buffet you are at has rules against this, you should not do it.

Drink water the day before going to the buffet

The more you drink, the more your stomach will expand, allowing you to consume more. But don’t guzzle a lot of water before heading to the buffet, or you can end up feeling stuffed.

Eat a snack before the buffet

If you’re really starving, you might start your meal off too quickly, which could leave you full much sooner than you would like. Before going to the buffet, it’s a good idea to have a little snack. You may satisfy your hunger with some peanuts, an apple, or some yoghurt.

Start with lighter foods

At the beginning of your meal, try to avoid eating too much pasta or other starchy foods. In order to avoid feeling too full, it’s best to start with some lighter fare. To get started, have some shrimp or a salad as an appetiser before diving into the main course.

Eat slowly

Eating too quickly will make you feel full sooner than if you had eaten at a more leisurely pace. Take breaks from eating to catch your breath and chew your food thoroughly. You should probably give it a minute or two before going up for seconds.

Avoid soda

Soda may make you feel fuller than water due to its carbonation. Try some juice or water instead. Get a soda at the end of your meal if you really want one.

Avoid wasting food

If you want to enjoy the buffet to the fullest, it’s best not to load up on more food than you can reasonably consume. Instead of buying a few large plates and serving everyone at once, it’s more efficient to get a bunch of smaller ones and make several trips. You should also know that some cheap buffets will charge you for the food you don’t end up eating.

Now that we have told you the ways in which you can maximise eating in a buffet. We would like to tell you about some of the buffet etiquettes which will help you to have a great buffet experience.

Walk around before you eat

Don’t just choose the tastiest-looking option. Explore the entirety of the buffet and not just one section. Remember the things that impressed you the most.

If you take the time to look around the buffet, you’ll be less likely to fill up on foods you don’t like or eat too much of.

Grab a tray, plate, and utensils

If you don’t have a plate, you can’t have any of the food you desire. In the beginning, just get one small appetiser plate. Just order another plate when you feel like switching things up.

Before you grab the plate, check sure it really is clean. No crumbs or oily remains should be visible. If your plate is unclean, please get a new one.

Get an appetizer

Have an appetiser before the main course. This can be anything from salad to a soup to breadsticks. To make room for the rest of your meal, just have a taste. Eating an appetiser before the main course is another good way to control your portion sizes.

You can skip the appetiser and dive right into the main course if you like.

Choose a main course and side

When you’re done with the appetiser, set the plate away or wash it. Then, load up a clean plate into your serving cart. Utensils are not something that needs to be replaced. Order the main meal and an optional side dish or two. A chicken breast with mashed potatoes is one option.

Eat dessert

Before deciding on a sweet treat, consider all of your options. It’s okay to branch out, but before you do, think about what you usually enjoy and avoid in food and drink. Don’t order pumpkin pie if you’re not a fan of pumpkin-flavoured foods. Take a taste of each dessert if you can’t decide.

Don’t overeat

It’s easy to overindulge at a buffet as long as the food is readily available. Stay away from that. When you’re full, stop eating.

You should turn your back on the food and sit down. It’s hoped that this would reduce the number of times you need to visit the serving counter.

If you don’t take the tray, you won’t be able to carry as much food in one sitting, which will help you control your portions.

Pick foods you wouldn’t cook for yourself

Toast and scrambled eggs are typical items found at buffets. These are delicious, but if you really want to make a healthy meal feel like a treat, look for ingredients and recipes that you wouldn’t normally use. Choose smoked salmon or grilled trout, for instance, if you don’t frequently prepare these dishes at home.


We hope that you must have understood the different aspects one needs to consider while going for a buffet in order to maximise it to the fullest. Have a great time munching on the delicacies offered!

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