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How Cheesiano Pizza is disrupting QSR with freshness and innovation


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In the bustling world of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), where each establishment vies for a distinctive flavor and identity, Cheesiano Group has carved a niche for itself with a delectable combination of innovation, authenticity, and a relentless pursuit of quality.

Cheesiano Pizza emerged from a simple yet profound idea – the power of freshness. In a market dominated by cold supply chain models, Cheesiano set out to differentiate itself by providing pizzas with fresh dough and crisp vegetables. According to Niraj Bora, Co-Founder, “Fresh dough and veggies make a lot of difference in the taste.” This commitment to freshness laid the foundation for a culinary journey that would soon extend beyond pizzas.

From Pizza to Burgers and Subs: A Diversified Triumph

The success story of Cheesiano Pizza is marked not just by its growth but also by diversification. In the past year alone, the brand has grown fourfold, adding two more brands under its umbrella – Burgerino and Saucy Subs. Monthly orders have surpassed 25,000, and the brand is eyeing a substantial expansion to 50 stores in the next two years, with revenues crossing an impressive INR 1 Crore monthly.

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The thought process behind diversification was strategic. As the brand entered a growth trajectory, it sought to add more categories to its menu. The decision to venture into burgers and subs was influenced by market trends and consumer preferences. “Burgers are the largest segment after pizza in QSR, and they are still growing. Consumers have a higher frequency of eating burgers than pizza,” explained the Co-Founder. In the case of subs, the brand saw an untapped market and envisioned making it a mass-market product with Indianized flavors.

With a portfolio ranging from pizzas to burgers and subs, Cheesiano Group caters to a diverse customer base. Pizzas and burgers are considered mass-market products, while subs, a less penetrated category in India, cater to a more discerning audience. The brand plans to cross-sell its subs to existing customers of pizzas and burgers, ensuring a gradual but steady acceptance of the new offerings.

Focusing on Freshness, Quality, and Consistency:

In a competitive market, Cheesiano Group distinguishes itself through a focus on freshness, quality, and consistency. The emphasis on using fresh ingredients and making dough daily sets it apart from competitors. “We dispose of the remaining dough at the end of the day and make fresh every day,” says the Co-Founder. This commitment to maintaining the quality of the crust and overall product is a key differentiator.

Looking ahead, the Co-Founder sees numerous opportunities in the QSR space, including a growing market, urbanization, changing consumer habits, and more. While challenges exist, such as getting people to try the product for the first time, the brand is actively working on overcoming these hurdles. The focus is on delivering a top-notch customer experience from the first order to create repeat customers.

FOCO Model: A Recipe for Growth

The FOCO (franchise-owned company-operated) model has been instrumental in Cheesiano Group’s expansion. This model allows individuals who dream of owning a restaurant to sign up for a franchise with the company. The company then operates the store, utilizing its expertise in marketing, quality maintenance, and overall store management. The revenue is shared with the franchise in perpetuity, ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.

Vision for the Future: National Presence with Quality Intact

Cheesiano Group is not resting on its laurels. Recent innovations include the launch of its own app, consolidating all brands and categories under one platform. Future plans involve building an in-house fleet of riders to achieve 45-minute deliveries, further enhancing the customer experience.

Looking ahead, Cheesiano Group envisions a national presence, expanding city by city and state by state. However, the commitment to maintaining quality remains unwavering. The long-term goal is not just expansion but a strategic and measured growth that ensures each new venture upholds the brand’s core values.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those venturing into the food and beverage industry, the Co-Founder of Cheesiano Group offers valuable advice. Find a niche, something you would personally enjoy and order frequently. Start small, perfect the offering, and then consider expansion. It’s a recipe that has clearly worked for Cheesiano Group, a brand that continues to redefine the QSR landscape with its commitment to quality and innovation.

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