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Wine Cocktails 101: History, Types and How to choose the one for you?

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Wine, an alcoholic beverage, is produced by fermenting grape juice. Sugar in the grapes is fermented by yeast into ethanol and carbon dioxide, with heat produced in the process. The grapes and yeasts used to make wine can have a significant impact on the final product’s character. Georgia, Armenia, and Sicily have the earliest wine evidence. By 4500 B.C., wine was being enjoyed in ancient Greece, Thrace, and Rome. Wine has always been enjoyed for its inebriating qualities.

A wine professional or sommelier can help you choose the appropriate wine to match your food and taste. To illustrate, imagine you’ve been stuck in traffic for an hour and have finally arrived at your dinner destination; all you can think about is how quickly you can get that glass of wine in front of you. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can end up ordering the wrong wine and ruining your meal. 

But sometimes you might end up being alone and since there are a large number of different types of wine it might be difficult for someone to choose from them. In these situations, one can consider these points or remember these words for assisting in selecting a wine-

1. Tanins

Grape seeds, skin, and stems contain naturally astringent chemicals. Grape seeds, skin, and stems contain naturally astringent chemicals.

2. Varietal

The variety of grapes used to produce your wine. Wines are typically identified by their primary varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay.

3. Terroir

The flavour of wine can be influenced by its environment.

4. Oaky

Probably the most well-known (and often-mocked) wine description ever. When a wine contains a hint of wood from the barrels it was aged in, this is called a “woody” flavour.

5. Bouquet

The aroma of the wine.

6. Sweet vs dry

When starting with wine, most people find that sweeter wines are more approachable. In this context, dryness does not mean the absence of moisture. Wines with higher tanin content tend to make drinkers pucker their lips. The more noticeable the residual sugars are, the sweeter the wine.

7. Light vs Full-bodied

Wines with lower alcohol content are ideal for summertime and lighter meals. Higher acidity and reduced tanins are typical of these foods. Red wines with more body are perfect for a steak meal and the chill of a winter evening. They lack acidity and have a drier texture.

8. Finish

The aftertaste of wine.

Different Types of wine-

The three primary categories of wine are-

Red Wine

They are distinguished by the richness of their tannins and the depth of their dark fruit flavours. Many red wines benefit from being aged in oak. There are 6 different types of Red Wine;

  • Bordeaux
  • Chianti
  • Rioja
  • Syrah
  • Primitivo
  • Beaujolais

White Wine

Aromatic characteristics like flowers, citrus, and orchard fruits give white wines a tangier and more refreshing flavour profile than red. The body and alcohol content of white wines tend to be lower than those of red wines. There are 4 different types of white wine;

  • Pinot Grigio
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Reisling
  • Chardonnay

Rose, Sparkling and fortified wines

It’s common practice to drink rosé in the summer, sparkling wine at parties, and fortified wine after a hearty meal. 

Rosé wines can have flavours common to red wines, like strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, and also more typical white wine flavours, like citrus and tropical fruit. Two of the most well-known sparkling wines are champagne and prosecco. Fortified wines include Port, Madeira, Marsala, sherry macvin, and the vin doux naturels of southern France.

Now that we have told you about what to look for before buying a wine let us tell you about what mistakes one should not make while purchasing it.

1. Don’t Go Straight for the Bottle

Only if you think you’ll drink more than three glasses, or if you like leftovers and the restaurant is cool with you taking it corked, should you order a bottle. If you’re just the two of you and the bar offers a great wine list, it makes sense to order drinks BTG (by the glass). Instead of staying cooped up in a container, try ordering your drinks individually.

2. Don’t Fall for the Little White Lie

Contrary to popular belief, red wine can be just as enjoyable with fish as white. Light and lean meats, as well as white sauces, are recommended, but this is not to be taken as gospel. Doubt that until you’ve had oysters with a bottle of Beaujolais. The only thing better than the flavor is the smile on the faces of your friends when you surprise them with this pairing (and when they try it).

3. Don’t Overwhelm Your Palate

The culinary and wine worlds of today are infinitely more subtle than those of yesteryear, and the chances of your enjoying this increase exactly zero if you order a large, robust wine. Heavy-tannin, high-alcohol, and/or excessive-oak wines are like a punch to the face for your delicate taste buds, reducing the enjoyment of your dinner to a mere snooze.

4. Don’t Order the Same Bottle Twice

Even if you’re halfway through a bottle of fantastic Chenin Blanc before your meals arrive, you might be tempted to order another round without giving the rest of the wine list a second glance. Take advantage of the chance to taste something new that you might never see again by ordering from a wine selection that features bottles that aren’t sold in stores.

5. Don’t Open the Wine List Before Opening the Menu

Not everyone can have their preferred wine chosen by the time the waiter or waitress brings out the first round of drinks, unlike some who have a standard cocktail like a vodka soda as a go-to. Although it may be tempting to dive right in with a safe bet to set the tone for the evening, it’s best to hold off on picking a wine until you’ve had a chance to peruse the list.

Having a bottle of wine that goes wonderfully with your meal can completely transform your meal. What better way to unwind at the end of the day than over a glass of wine and a delicious meal? You can choose the best wine by checking for a few key traits, even though many people struggle with this. Mail us whether this article was helpful for you and whether you got the best wine for yourself at mailto:review@snackfax.com

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