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To Try: Non-Alcoholic drinks to keep yourself cool this afternoon in Delhi

There are several situations when some non-drinking individuals feel left out because there’s nothing for them to drink and enjoy with their friends who like to drink. Imagine a situation when one has gone to a party where every drink available is alcohol then there’s no choice for him but to stay there without having any drink.

This might sound like a damper on the occasion because not every individual will be happy. Then there’s another situation where a couple or an individual wants to enjoy their home but can’t get drunk because they might have an office the very next day or the parents might be there at their home. 

In all these situations non-alcoholic drinks will come to the rescue of such people and allow them to enjoy themselves freely without any kind of tension at the back of their minds.

Now that we have come to know how important are nonalcoholic drinks in one’s life, there’s one more question that remains unanswered, which is which alcoholic drink will be best for drinking. 

Don’t worry we are here to help you out with a list of nonalcoholic drinks.

Budweiser Non-Alcoholic Energy Drink-

The Budweiser zero has zero amount of alcohol present. An alcohol-free drink only needs to contain less than .5% alcohol but this one has zero content of it. It comes in a can which it’s easy to dispose of and the price for it is nearly 60 rupees.

Kingfisher Radler- Mint – Non-Alcoholic Drink-

The Radler is a nonalcoholic drink with 0% alcohol content present in the drink. The beer is mixed with lemon juice, mint flavour, and natural ingredients which gives it quite a refreshing and distinct taste. The Radler comes in a 300 ml can which is priced at Rs 50.

Fiesta Sparkling Juice-

A fruit juice that has several health benefits because of the fruit content and refreshing taste. The juice can be a very good accompaniment at mealtime or other celebrations. This juice comes in a 750ml pasteurised bottle made of glass. There are different flavours for the same like Green Apple Flavour – – Pink (Grape & Raspberry) – – Purple (Red Berries) – – Red (Grenadine Flavour).

Bravaria Non-Alcoholic Drink-

Another beer that has zero content alcohol in it. The drink comes in a can of 330ml coloured in red and silver. It’s different from the original one which has a beer flavour made up by mixing a range of malts.

Non-Alcoholic Red Wine(Darling Cellars Alcohol-free Shiraz Red Wine)

This is for those who want to try red wine but still want to make sure that they are drinking alcohol content. The wine is known to be the best red wine in the market. The deep red colour and ingredients like ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petals, and cherries make it quite close to real red wine but still, it’s non-alcoholic. It comes in a glass bottle and is priced at approximately 9269 rupees.


Other than the above mentioned there are more non-alcoholic drinks that one can try like Coolberg(peach, cranberry, malt, strawberry, ginger, and mint flavoured). They come in a glass bottle priced at Rupees 79 and cans which are not easily available.

Now that we have given you so many options, we wish that you as nondrinkers never have to miss a chance to celebrate anything just because of the reason for not drinking. We wish you all happy celebrations.

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