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Have You Tried These 10 Traditional Drinks of India?

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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When it comes to delicious food, India has a voracious appetite. Even more than their food, Indians enjoy the beverages that accompany it. For the average Indian, no day is complete without a cup of their favourite tea. But tea isn’t the only thing available. There are many other popular drinks which you must try! Some of them are listed below:

1. Shikanji

On a hot, sunny day, it is the Shikanji you look forward to. The first sip of it is enough to rejuvenate all your senses. Several stalls can be found on every street in North India. Shikanjvi, or spiced Indian lemonade, is another name for it.

2. Lassi

This drink can be found all over India, but it originates from the land of five rivers and butter chicken. Yes! Punjab di lassi! The Punjabi version is sweet and served with a generous amount of fresh cream in flavours such as mango, Kesar, and rose.

3. Komal

Komal is a Gujarati drink similar to chaach. Spiced curd combines with tender, sweet coconut milk and green chillies to create a refreshing drink.

4. Fenny

Feni is a traditional spirit of India’s Goa state. The alcohol is usually made from cashew or coconut by the locals. The final spirit may have different flavours depending on the type of Feni used, but it primarily has an aromatic scent. Surprisingly, Feni is the juice obtained from the second distillation of cashew or coconut.

5. Jigar Thanda

Jigarthanda is a cold drink made of milk, almond Pisin (gum extracted from the bark of the sweet almond tree), khoya, and sarsaparilla root syrup (nannari sarbat syrup), with toppings of basundi and milk ice cream. A drink that appears to have originated in Madurai’s kadai veedhis is now widely accepted as the city’s drink, with many restaurants and bakeries selling ‘Madurai’s’ jigarthanda at their counters.

6. Noon Chai

It is usually served 2-3 times per day as an accompaniment to pastries such as lavasa. It’s a savoury tea with a pinch of salt, as the name “noon” suggests, and a distinct pink colour from baking soda. Cardamom, almonds, pistachios, and cinnamon balance this Kashmiri tea’s saltiness to create a warm, spicy flavour.

7. Kallu

Kallu, despite its name, is a white palm wine made from the sap of palm trees. It is also known as Toddy. It is manufactured both locally and commercially. With a strong kick, this sweet concoction should not be taken lightly!

8. Chaang

Chaang, a Tibet originated wine made from barley, millet, or rice grains, is a delicious drink for those thirsty in Leh, India. The white-coloured drink has long been popular in areas where Tibetans have lived. Chaang is known for having a low alcoholic content and can be very soothing in cold weather.

9. Kokomo

Another popular drink is Maharashtra’s Kokomo sherbet. It is made with kokum squash and refreshes the body by keeping you cool and improving digestion.

10. Mandia Pej

Mandia Pej, a summer drink made by Odisha’s indigenous people, is one to enjoy. It’s made with ragi powder and boiled rice in stale water. The two ingredients are combined, covered, and set aside for a few days to ferment. You can drink it on a hot summer day when it becomes sour.

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