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Hangover Remedies: Here is why you should try Coconut water?

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Have you woken up googling hangover cures? The quick succession of pints, half a bottle of wine and then knocking those spirits to wash everything down may have left you feeling like a session with Mike Tyson in the ring. You can put the phone down and drink that hydrating coconut water. But we think this is the perfect time to rub in and remind you about what you’ve got yourself into.

So, what exactly is a hangover? We all know the symptoms of hangovers, but do you know what exactly happens to your body during a hangover? What chemical lochas does the body face? First, let’s address the hangover symptoms.


You are dehydrated. Because alcohol is a diuretic, it causes you to pee more – much more water than you consume. This causes the brain to shrink away from the skull, raising the alarm on the brain’s outer surface.


You’ve removed beneficial elements such as magnesium and potassium by drinking so much water. These minerals help keep the heart beating and prevent diseases like cardiac arrhythmias that can be caused due to heavy drinking.


You feel weary because your blood sugar level is low.


You’ve exposed your body to toxins known as free radicals. The liver produces dangerous molecules as it attempts to break down ethanol. The body has stores of an antioxidant called glutathione to combat free radicals, but this reserve can run low after a drinking session.

This is precisely what happens in your body; several remedies are available on the internet, but reaching for a glass of tender coconut water is one of the simplest ways to balance last night’s excess. 

Why Coconut Water?

Coconut water has gained popularity as a great hangover cure. It acts as a magic potion to relieve hangovers and energise you. It not only replenishes the minerals depleted by alcohol consumption but also improves your overall health. Let’s see how it helps in curing hangovers.

Packed with Nutrients

Coconut water contains potassium, electrolytes, fibre, and natural sugars, all required to replenish the depleted levels caused by alcohol. It contains almost the same amount of potassium as two bananas. Potassium helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, improving nerve and muscle function—furthermore, its magnesium and manganese content aid in immune function improvement. 

Rehydrating and Refreshing

Coconut water is naturally isotonic and absorbs faster and more efficiently than non-isotonic liquids. As a result, you recover faster. It is an excellent drink for rehydration because it contains 94% water. The natural sweetness of coconut water can be very refreshing, especially when trying to relieve mouth dryness.


Excessive alcohol consumption increases your body’s production of free radicals, putting you in a state known as oxidative stress. Young coconut water is high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radicals.

How to use coconut water?

Substitute it with soda or water

Another interesting way to enjoy the evening while reaping the benefits of coconut water is to substitute coconut water for soda or water in your cocktails. Combine vodka, mint, and coconut water for a unique twist on the classic mojito. It pairs well with fruits like strawberries, grapefruits, pineapples, cranberries, and lychee due to its almost neutral, mildly sweet flavour. When it comes to cocktails, for example, vodka, gin, and tequila can be combined with coconut water to create refreshing drinks that aren’t as strong.

Spice it up!

If coconut water tastes monotonous, season it with cinnamon, fresh mint leaves, ginger, cloves, roasted cumin powder, sea salt, and black salt.

Make it a detox drink!

When coconut water is combined with lemon juice, honey, and sea salt, it becomes an antidote that, in addition to being refreshing, is high in antioxidants, helps regulate blood pressure, and protects the body from free radical damage.

What foods can you pair up with Coconut Water?

To avoid the symptoms, try these food items and coconut water to ease the side effects of a hangover. It would be best to take something light, like egg toast, asparagus, or some fruits like watermelon or banana. You can also have light soup. You can have oats too.

Remember this!

Coconut water is a post-party beverage but does not replace zero-calorie water for casual sipping. As a result, drink at most 500-600ml of coconut water (roughly the water from two large tender coconuts) throughout the day.

Try this hangover cure and mail us @  review@snackfax.com to share what you think about this suggestion. Cheers!

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