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Did you know your Coffee speaks volumes about you?

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Most of you prepare or order your favourite coffee without thinking about it, and you’ve been drinking the same kind for years. Did you ever think about why you prefer one coffee over another?

It’s similar to the phrase “you are what you eat.” Only here does the coffee you choose for yourself reveal a lot about who you are, your likes and dislikes, and much more. And apparently, many studies have been conducted on the various aspects of one’s personality based on the type of coffee consumed.

Dr Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist, surveyed 1,000 people (Source: The Hindu). The study tested various personality traits, such as extroversion, warmth, and perfectionism, based on what coffee they usually order. The findings were published in Durvasula’s book; You Are What You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life.

So, what does your coffee order reveal about you? There was nothing conclusive, but there were some intriguing findings.

Black Coffee

According to Durvasula’s survey, black coffee drinkers are old-school and efficient but also stubborn and moody. They also “keep things simple,” which makes sense given that it’s a simple coffee order.

Cappuccinos and Lattes 

According to Durvasula’s survey, if you enjoy adding sugar, milk, and creamer to your coffee, you may be a people-pleaser. Her survey also reveals that latte drinkers are likelier to be helpful, open, and generous. However, as they want to please everyone, sometimes, they may overextend themselves and neglect their own needs. 

Iced Coffee

According to Durvasula’s survey, blended or iced coffee drinkers’ personality traits include boldness and spontaneity. Those who prefer iced coffee may be childlike and imaginative, but they are also reckless and frequently make unhealthy decisions.

Decaf, milk substitutes, and others  

According to Durvasula’s survey, participants who chose specific orders, such as decaf coffee or milk alternatives, are more likely to be controlling, obsessive, and perfectionistic. On the plus side, they were more likely to make healthy decisions. 

However, there could be a more straightforward explanation: they may have health conditions that necessitate limiting their caffeine intake or avoiding dairy.

Instant Coffee

According to Durvasula’s survey, instant coffee drinkers are laid back. They may, however, be poor planners or procrastinators. However, your preference for instant coffee could be due to other factors, such as your upbringing, thriftiness, and culture, as instant coffee is often cheaper and more easily accessible in certain countries.

Final Verdict

Readers! Your coffee order cannot determine your personality. Although “what your coffee order says about you” quizzes are entertaining, they are not scientific. The reality is there is almost negligible evidence of coffee predicting personality.  

Snackfax believes that it’s better to judge a person by their words and actions but not based on what coffee they order.

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