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Best Rum Brands to Try This Winter

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Colonialism, piracy, and navy forces are just a few of the many stops on rum’s long and interesting journey. Some people absolutely despise it, while others won’t drink anything except rum. Some people prefer it in the winter because of its warming properties, while others have no strong feelings one way or the other. No explanation, rum is a popular alcohol that forms the foundation of many delicious cocktails.

You should definitely stock up on some of the greatest rum brands in India before the winter sets in.


Murano, a new product from Hermes Distillery, has already established itself as the best-selling rum brand in India. It is distilled at India’s first TOMSA factory, which sets a new standard for cleanliness. Murano, distilled from the finest molasses and matured in wood barrels, is often regarded as India’s finest rum. The distinctive flavour is a result of the sugarcane that was added to the mix. We think that any rum aficionado would benefit from trying Murano because of its incomparable flavour and aroma.

Old Monk

Old Monk must always be included in any discussion of rum. Old Monk’s success in India is so far unbeatable. It is still one of the most well-known rum brands thanks to its many devoted followers. The vanilla flavour and dark brown colour of Old Monk, distilled by Mohan Meakin Ltd, are well-known. It comes in six distinct varieties, but the classic Old Monk is always a favourite among drinkers.

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan rum, with its signature spicy flavour, is another well-known Indian rum brand. This label is owned by Diageo, however, it originated in Jamaica. With its superb flavour and aroma, it is widely recognised as one of the best dark rums in the world. However, the superior flavour of Captain Morgan makes up for its higher price tag in comparison to the other brands we’ve discussed.

Jolly Rogers

Jolly Rogers, made by Allied Blenders and Distillers, is a popular brand of rum in India. Blended with Jamaican pot-still rum and a variety of spices, it has a unique, exotic flavour. It goes well with cola and water as a black rum.

Old Port

Famous for their Indian single malt whisky, Amrut Distillers are also famed for their silky rum. Their contribution to the rum market is Old Port, which has a flavour all its own. Vanilla and butterscotch flavours come through strongly in the rum. Upon swallowing, it leaves behind a refined flavour that lingers on the tongue. The colour spectrum goes from a reddish brown to a deep chocolate brown.

The world over, rum has gained a reputation as a highly coveted alcoholic beverage. In particular, the sugarcane molasses contribute to its distinctive flavour. There are plenty of other rum options in India, but the ones I’ve listed above are some of the best for those who want to branch out. Since colder weather is on the horizon, a glass of rum by the fire is the perfect way to wind down the day.

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