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6 Summer Wines That Are Surely To Leave You Amazed

When summer comes around, the scorching heat and humidity can make us feel pretty low-spirited at times, and that’s why we have faith in the power of wine to make you forget about the weather and let your hair down.

Think of happy summer thoughts. Think about much-awaited summer vacations, long walks on the beach, and short drives in the hills. And a sumptuous lunch and the fanciest of dinners in the city, at the comfort of your home, all because of the wonderful wines that we would be telling you about now. Because a good meal becomes great when paired with the right drink, and it tastes even better when it don’t cost a bomb.

And don’t worry, we aren’t discriminating between red and white, as we love both equally. No, really

So, here are six wines to try out this summer!

Charosa Cabernet Sauvignon 

At a modest INR 1,750. Imbued with a tantalizing blend of sweet spices and a delicate whisper of vanilla oak, this wine transforms your homemade dinners into culinary spectacles. An ideal companion for sumptuous red sauce pasta or a succulent red meat dish, it elevates the dining experience with its nuanced flavors. Originating from the esteemed Charosa vineyards, celebrated for their commitment to excellence, this affordable gem is a testament to their unwavering dedication to crafting premium libations. Revel in the exquisite taste that transcends its price point, making every sip a journey into affordable luxury.

Sula Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon 

Sula has filed for its IPO, and there’s no better way of celebrating it than by taking a good swig of it. These are steadily becoming the go-to choice in the country, and it’s easy to see why: they taste as good as they are priced. 

The Sula Red has a slightly bitter and bold taste and is considered best paired with our all-time favourite Indian food. Priced at INR 1,850, it has become a staple in many homes in India. So, grab a bottle of Sula and prepare a hearty meal with butter chicken and naan, and you’ll be good to go! 


Four Cousins

Four Cousins stands out proudly, presenting a captivating array sourced from the scenic vineyards of South Africa. Notably, their sweet red wine caters to those with a fondness for sweetness, presenting a fruitier and lighter profile that harmonizes seamlessly with early dinners. Priced at INR 1,950, this offering is a testament to affordability without compromising on quality. The discerning palate, adverse to bitter aftertastes, finds solace in the refined notes of this exquisite wine. Each sip encapsulates the essence of South African vineyards, making Four Cousins a tasteful journey through the picturesque landscapes in every bottle.

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Sula Riesling

Revisiting Sula underscores its standing as a refined yet economically accessible choice. The tasting notes expertly harmonise zesty citrus with nuanced sweetness, creating a delightful symphony for the palate. As white wines epitomise summery refreshment, the Sula Riesling becomes an impeccable companion for leisurely brunches, enhancing the dining experience with its invigorating profile. Sula not only captures the essence of quality but also offers affordability, making it a top-tier selection for those seeking a well-balanced and budget-friendly white wine.

Fratelli Vinyards, MS White 

Fratelli Vineyards, synonymous with distinction, shines as a premier creator of meticulously fashioned, top-tier spirits. The charm of their white wine emanates from its invigorating and crisp taste, enriched with fruity nuances of luscious pears and berries. An ideal pairing for exquisite Italian dishes or a tranquil evening of personal indulgence, it is poised to secure its place as your favourite selection.





























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