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5 Different types of Martini


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One can never go wrong with a classic Martini. It is the original drink with just a crisp clean spirit. A good gin and a splash of vermouth and olives make the perfect dry martini. For someone new to the concept of a martini we are here to help you understand the various types of martinis that can be made by you at home with recommended gins as well!


The Dry Martini is the original and simple form of Martini where all you need is a chilled glass, gin and a splash of vermouth to make you the simple yet extremely efficient martini! It can be strong at first as the alcohol will be served straight up but it is a perfect drink after a tough day at work! Good gins to use for martinis in India could be Bombay Sapphire or London Hill


The dirty martini is not as bad or complicated as it sounds, we simply add olive juice to the mix to give it a slightly diluted, tangy and crisp taste to lighten up your martini.


007 fans would understand what a Vesper Martini is, but what exactly does it entail? The martini has a hint of white wine along with the usual ingredients, this addition would give a hint of sweetness and tang t the martini as a white wine would be a great pair with the gin! A good white wine to be paired with a good martini is the Sula White as it is affordable and a sturdy hearty wine for many households in India.


The french martini is a completely different concept where it is nothing like your usual dry martini at all it has a raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice for the lightweights who cannot handle hard liquor


This zingy type of martini is perfectly balanced and refreshingly tart, served with a sugar rim and a lemon twist. It looks so festive that it’s great for celebrations of all kinds. Whatever the occasion: this martini delivers! You’ll be surprised by the crisp, clean flavours.

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