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Colonial Era Bakeries serving Christmas treats

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India has a rich history, with the British Raj having left a lasting impression. Although not universally hailed as a golden age, the time under British administration was not without its positive effects on the country. Many bakeries that started up at that time are still in business today. At these establishments, you may have the tastiest Christmas treats.

Let us fill you in on a few of them so you can have a sweet Christmas as well.

Albert Bakery, Bengaluru

The city’s oldest bakery is most likely located here. Infamous for its chicken and mutton keema samosas, it opens at 3.30 in the afternoon. Popular items at this Mosque Road stand include the keema naan, khoya muffins, and bheja puffs, although the place also sells fresh bread, pastries, and cakes. The Muslim family which owns the 111-year-old bakery supposedly chose the name Albert so that they could more easily cater to the upper classes of the British Empire.

Wenger’s Bakery, New Delhi

Swiss couple, the Wengers, opened up shop there in 1926, and it has remained at the same spot ever since. They’ve established themselves as the forerunners of Swiss candy in India. From its enchanted beginnings to the present day, Wenger’s welcomes visitors from all over the world. This stopover has an interesting cuisine, so if you’re here at Christmas, be sure to order the Prawn Cocktail Sandwich, Chocolate Espresso, Fruit Tarts, or Mushroom Quiche.

Gaylord, Mumbai

The restaurant’s bakery has been satisfying customers’ sweet tooths for the past 150 years with an assortment of cakes and tarts. Holiday visitors to this bakery won’t regret sampling their Baklava, lemon tarts, macaroons, chocolate mousse, or crème-filled donuts. Their famous bakery is practically a landmark in and of itself, and the delicious smells wafting from within will have you unable to resist entering.

Shaikh Brothers, Guwahati

Shaikh Brothers, which has been around for about to a century and a half, is widely considered to be both Guwahati’s oldest and most beloved bakery. Bakery is small and doesn’t have a particularly nice atmosphere, but is well-known for its elaborately frosted cakes in unusual shapes. Among the Christmas treats we have stashed away for you are eggless cakes, pastries, cupcakes, vegetarian/chicken patties, and Shaikh Brothers’ special jam rolls.

Royal Bakery, Pune

Royal Bakery has been a client favourite since it opened in 1910, and for good reason. They’ve been around longer than any other Pune bakery. Prior to independence, Yohan Irani’s (the owner) grandfather sold peti pav to British officers in the area. People wait in line for our broons, hot cross buns, and rolls every morning because the recipes for these treats were passed down from his grandfather’s time.

Smith Field Bakery, Chennai

The Smith Field bakery on the Perambur Barracks (PB) Road in North Chennai has been in operation for over 125 years, and during that time, its ten-foot-long stone slab has been used to roll out an infinite supply of sweet bread, buns, and a variety of biscuits and ‘T’ cakes cooked in the natural wood fire. The best bakery in Chennai, and one that has been around since 1885, still uses this time-honored technique.

Now that we have told you about the different british era bakeries which are in India, try these out if you are in the town same as them and tell us which one was your favourite.


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