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Amazing Beginnings to Legacy: The inspirational story of KFC

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The Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain is the most well-known in the world. In our minds, KFC is synonymous with fried chicken wings. Do you wish to learn the fascinating history of KFC? So, here we have the extraordinary narrative of KFC’s success, and the founder’s story is fascinating as well.

Misconceptions about entrepreneurship abound, such as the idea that you need to go into the game at a tender age. The founder of KFC, however, disproved that notion. Earlier in life, Dallas Clayton remarked, “It’s never too late to start something new, to do all the things that you’ve been dying to do.” You can see how this adage applies directly to the KFC franchisee. This blog will tell the story of the life and times of Colonel Harland Sanders, the man behind the popular fast food chain.

Let’s have a look at the blog and learn about KFC’s amazing beginnings. You’ll also learn about the company’s founder, its history, the difficulties it faced in its early days, the keys to its success, its current reputation, and a slew of other recent developments involving your favourite fast food chain, KFC.

Who started KFC?

The originator of Kentucky Fried Chicken is an example of an entrepreneur who got his start late in life but went on to do great things. Colonel Harland Sanders launched KFC when he was 62, an age when most individuals begin to think about retiring. He entered this world on September 9, 1890, in Henryville, Indiana, and he passed away on December 16, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, at the ripe old age of 90.

The loss of his father struck him hard when he was just five years old. He was responsible for providing food for his family. At age seven, he learned to cook from his mother. Therefore, he had to take up a number of menial tasks in order to make ends meet. But by the time he was in his forties, he was the proprietor of a restaurant in the Bluegrass State. People went crazy for his one-of-a-kind, home-cooked recipe for fried chicken. His goal was to have the recipe become famous all over the world.

At the ripe old age of 62, he finally set out on his expedition, although with a meagre supply of cash. With a chicken recipe in hand, he would knock on doors. Before he finally received his first franchise, he was turned down multiple times. So, that’s the short version of how Harland Sanders ended up creating the massively successful franchise KFC. In addition, American entrepreneur Pete Harman is well-known for his partnership with KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

History of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC’s chicken is incredibly popular, therefore it’s safe to assume that many readers of this blog will soon be placing orders at the fast food chain. Now, therefore, let’s take a look back at the origins of KFC.

  • Utah is the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as it is most commonly known today.
  • The first version of Harland’s recipe, which included 11 herbs and flavours, was developed in July 1940.
  • The hardships Harland Sanders endured led him to share his secret recipe with his friend Pete Harman.
  • Harland opened his first KFC franchise with the support of Pete, who owned one of the city’s busiest eateries.
  • Inquiries to purchase a KFC franchise came from all around the world. A large number of institutional investors have recently purchased KFC stock.
  • Sanders continued to travel to all of the KFC locations when the company became immensely successful.
  • The fact that he didn’t hire a sales team to advertise his franchise is one of the intriguing realities that get people up and going. His business empire flourished under his exclusive direction.
  • He started getting messages from franchisees of all stripes. There were a lot of KFC restaurants, but none of them was really distinctive.
  • Upon meeting Colonel Sanders, then 74 years old, young Kentucky attorney John Y. Earthy coloured, Jr. and Jack Massey make an offer to purchase the company. Both of them reassured Colonel for quite some time by promising to maintain higher standards for the brand.
  • Also, they swear they’ll never alter the Colonel’s original recipe. General Sanders had an easy decision to make.
  • He went on a cross-country quest for expert advice on how to best market his company, consulting franchisees, members, and other business associates along the way.
  • At last, he realised he needed help from others if he was to successfully grow and lead the organisation. Because of this, he accepted a $2 million offer to sell his company in 1964.
  • Although it was one of the most important things he had ever dealt with, he was not pleased with this arrangement.
  • The new KFC owner acknowledged that Sander’s public persona was perhaps the strongest asset for the “KFC brand.”
  • He is now being paid around $40,000 yearly as a lifetime salary for his work as a brand ambassador and spokesperson.

He eventually became KFC’s official spokesman because of this. KFC’s current logo, which features his likeness, dates back to the 1970s.

Which Difficulties Did New Businesses Face?

You probably tried KFC at least once in your life. The fast food chain KFC enjoys worldwide acclaim. Let’s find out what difficulties the KFC founder had to encounter when the business first opened. Having been repeatedly turned down for something, do you know what it’s like? If so, have you given it another shot or tried and given up? The founder of KFC Harland Sanders went through the same thing. Nonetheless, he saw his setback as an opportunity and eventually opened the best chicken store in the area. When hamburgers were king, he prioritised fried chicken.

In the wake of his father’s passing, he took on the role of breadwinner for his siblings and mother. He had a difficult upbringing and was sacked from his work multiple times. But after struggling, he had the brilliant idea of frying chicken. There was nothing else like his formula, and after opening just one store he was able to achieve his goals. Even though the founder of KFC encountered many difficulties, in the beginning, he eventually gave us his very excellent fried chicken.

Secrets of KFC’s success

KFC’s success is greatly dependent on the value of time. In most cases, diners want their meals quickly after placing their orders. The pressure cooker was an important appliance for the Sandlers because it sped up meal preparation time. Cleanliness and improved flavour are two other benefits of this method. The fried chicken was invented by Colonel Sanders, who also created the recipe. Because of this, the KFC franchise owns the copyright.

It is impossible to find fried chicken that tastes as good as KFC’s. No other chain is permitted to utilise this recipe. The franchising structure that is used by KFC outlets around the world is another factor in the company’s success. Every eating establishment has its own set of regulations that must be observed strictly. The following are some guidelines for the documentation:

  • The chicken needs to be cooked in a pressure cooker. No other cutlery is permitted.
  • The chicken should be left in the slow cooker for another 15 minutes after cooking.
  • Each chicken breast is a uniform size and weight. There ought to be 8 centimetres of width to it, and it ought to weigh no more than 300 grammes.
  • The chicken for the next day’s use must have been marinated overnight before it can be utilised.
  • There is a hard limit of 60–70 days for a chicken’s age. KFC’s phenomenal growth can be directly attributed to its strict adherence to these guidelines.

Those who are deaf can find work at KFC. Deaf employees are taught to read lip movements at some KFC restaurants. Gaining employment and financial independence is a huge boon for the deaf community.

Current Status of KFC

Curious as to where KFC stands now? Yes! And it continues to expand daily. If you want to learn how KFC is currently perceived, read on.

  1. Yum! KFC’s current parent company is Brand s.
  2. Approximately 150 nations and territories across the world now host KFC restaurants as of early 2020.
  3. With 22,621 locations in 150 countries as of December 2019, KFC is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain, behind only McDonald’s.
  4. KFC has decided to stop using the tagline “It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good” in light of the current global coronavirus pandemic. In India, though, KFC remains committed to its original slogan.
  5. As a step toward becoming more sustainable, KFC India is experimenting with edible serving bowls. Tortillas, which will be prepared daily, will be used to make edible bowls to replace plastic ones.
  6. Until the COVID-19 crisis has been resolved, KFC has decided to shelve the slogan, but they have promised to bring it back at the appropriate moment.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a globally recognised fast food chain with an inspiring backstory. The chicken at KFC is unique, and when people hear the word “chicken,” they immediately think of the fast food chain. KFC’s motto is spot-on, as the chicken is so delicious that it makes you want to lick your fingers after eating it. You can count on us to bring you more news just like this. Go have a munch of it!

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