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INNISFREE India celebrates 10th anniversary with rebranding and exciting product launch


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INNISFREE India, celebrated for its skincare products inspired by the beauty of nature, commemorated its 10th Anniversary with festive events in Delhi and Mumbai. During these special occasions, the brand unveiled its revitalized image and introduced the highly anticipated INNISFREE Vitamin C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum.

The beloved Korean beauty brand, INNISFREE, has unveiled an enchanting transformation, encapsulated by the tagline “Clean Island, where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist harmoniously.” This fresh concept beautifully embodies what has made INNISFREE a global favorite among beauty enthusiasts, bringing them closer to embracing the pure beauty of nature. The rebranding effort includes a rejuvenated visual identity, an enhanced website, and the long-awaited introduction of exciting new products.

In celebration of this significant milestone, INNISFREE organized a captivating evening at HOME in Delhi. The event included an exclusive masterclass conducted by Ishan Sardesai, a renowned aesthetic surgeon and the founder of The Face Centre. During the session, he imparted invaluable knowledge about the advantages of Vitamin C Serum and how it serves as a comprehensive solution for nurturing and maintaining radiant skin.

The evening was graced by esteemed guests from New Delhi, who enjoyed delectable hors d’oeuvres and beverages courtesy of Samsara Gin and Jimmy’s Cocktail. INNISFREE also introduced its exclusive collaboration with Frozen Fun Gelato, presenting a limited edition Green Tea Matcha flavored gelato. The event included a delightful floral station by Fresh Flowers, where guests could create their own bouquets. To ensure lasting memories of the INNISFREE event, instant photographs were distributed to the attendees.

In Mumbai, the festivities unfolded at The TIRA Beauty Store located in Jio World Drive, BKC. Ayesha Kanga, celebrated for her vibrant persona, graced the event to share her insights into her collaboration with the brand. Eminent personalities from the industry added to the event’s allure. INNISFREE collaborated with The Flower Shop Bloom and Hola Candle for interactive activities, allowing guests to craft their own bouquets and customize their candles.

Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director and Head of Marketing at AmorePacific India mentioned, “INNISFREE has come a long way, with a celebrated 10 years success in India, the brand has truly been loved and supported by you all. We’re very proud to unveil the fresh new identity, with our new launch THE VITAMIN C GREEN TEA BRIGHTENING ENZYME SERUM. We hope to celebrate another decade of INNISFREE with our brand friends and customers.”

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