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Try the lip-smacking Kulfis only at Daryaganj restaurant

Daryaganj is a north Indian cuisine restaurant that was made to celebrate the legacy of Kundan La Jaggi. And in memory of Punjabi refugees who migrated to Delhi in 1947. The dishes are a combination of old-world flavours blended with recent and new flavours. The team at the restaurant is highly skilled and brilliantly creative, and they make sure you enjoy a world-class dining experience from a bygone era.

The concept of the menu is designed in such a way that it will bring back all the memories from the lanes of Daryaganj. The food is authentic and made with aromatic and genuine ingredients. Seafood and grilled meats are a must-try and taste divine.

Apart from north Indian delicacies, the desserts here are just luscious.

Talking about desserts, you can’t ignore the famous Daryaganj kulfi.

It is not whipped like ice cream, and the texture of kulfi is denser and more solid. It tastes like traditional custard-based ice cream. It is prepared by cooking milk and sugar on a low flame for a very long period of time. It is continuously stirred and reduced. while reducing the sugar, which caramelized, resulting in a thick and dense kulfi.

There is a vast spread of flavours from which you can choose.

  • Kesar pista kulfi: The rich and creamy kulfi is served with a generous amount of pistachios and topped with the best saffron from the valley of Kashmir. The taste of the kulfi will remind you of your childhood. You should definitely try Kesar pista kulfi if you visit Daryaganj.
  • Paan kulfi: As the name suggests, this kulfi is toothsome. The combination of kulfi and betel leaf tastes palatable. It is served with fresh rose petal jam, which enhances its taste and makes it look more pleasing. Along with this, some fennel is also sprinkled to give a nice crunch to the kulfi. It may sound different, but this flavour will surely not disappoint you.
  • Bailey’s kulfi: it is the most exotically flavoured kulfi that you have ever heard of. It is special and their best seller, too. Kulfi is combined with coffee cream, which is part of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

You should definitely take some time from your busy schedule to visit your nearest Daryaganj restaurant. Needless to say, try the northern dishes, but don’t forget to grab your favourite Kulfi, which is mouth-watering and lip-smacking.

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